If you are considering being a chihuahua owner, the odds are you already know one. But did you consider the importance of dressing up your new friend?

Don't take it lightly, because this is a different kind of doggy community over the larger dogs. I am most familiar with the chihuahua breed, and these little dogs are very intense but very caring. Once you find the chihuahua or small dog that's right for you, I think it's critical to expose them to various social situations early on in your relationship, and especially if they are a puppy.

little chihuahua

This little girl is so cute - I can't even take it!

This could be something as simply as just getting them out of the house for a stroll on the sidewalk, taking them shopping for clothes (human and doggy) - or a walk in the park or a doggy park. Years ago when chihuahua clothes came out, people thought it was kind of strange. Nowadays it's considered the norm for these dogs.

It might seem that it's only for our delight as the dog owner, but I'm telling you the dog's will love it, because of all the extra attention they get. And the comfort it can create for them in harsher weather conditions. And you'll be surprised to know that even your vet is on board with dressing up your little dog, it only makes sense, because there so much more petite and fragile then their larger cousins. Dr. Bruce Ogle, an author of many dog guides, states "little dogs and sensitive breeds with thin single coats might need further protection in the winter rain and cold." So little doggy jackets, raincoats, toy chihuahua clothes, sweatshirts and sweaters are pretty much essential, to small dog breeds such as Chihuahuas or Min Pins which lost body heat very rapidly and easily.

You'll find some people that won't agree, but they probably don't understand the subtleties of small dogs and also dog fashion. The brutes! Just kidding about that last comment. We haven't talked much about them, but accessories are available as well, to add zing to your canine's fashion fest. Certain accessories like bandanas clearly aren't essential, though very cute, but booties could actually really be protective for your dog's feet. Especially if you live in winter conditions where rock salt is used on the sidewalks and roads. Rock salt can hurt these tiny feet causing them to cut and bleed, and be very painful for your little precious. Even the thought of it makes me sad, having a piece of salt lodged into a cut on my little jelly bean's paw. This is why I have several pairs of booties for her, and pay close attention to the street and road conditions. You might even want to consider insulated booties for extra warmth to add to you collection of clothes for chihuahuas. Hopefully this expanded your options in thinking about what's really important in caring for and dressing up your chihuahua or little dog.