Victims of vehicular accidents often encounter problems in whiplash injury claims and litigation as they are not fully equipped with the knowledge on how to present their case and prove the existence of their injury.

Whiplash Injuries

The use of seatbelts has been proven to lessen the number of fatalities in vehicular accidents. But the use of this restraint however, can also cause immense pain in the neck and shoulder area.

Whiplash is a term coined to describe an injury incurred from a motor vehicle accident that causes pain in the areas of the neck, base of the skull, shoulders, and head.

According to a study, most victims who sustained whiplash injuries will recover after a few weeks or a couple of months but some may develop chronic pains which will last longer and will be harder to recover from.

Aside from pain, symptoms of whiplash that some victims experience include:

  • Poor memory and concentration

  • Blurry vision

  • Sleep problems

  • Ringing in the ears

  • Fatigue

  • Weakness

The above symptoms will cause pain and suffering that the victim will have to go through as treatments for these injuries may vary depending on the severity of the injury. Some injuries would require operation while others need to undergo series of tests and therapy.

Filing Compensation Claims

After an accident, victims must gather as much evidence as possible in order to prove their claims. They can obtain photos of the accident and police reports that would show the party who is likely to be responsible for the accident.

It is here where victims meet problems as not everyone knows the correct procedure of pursuing a lawsuit and so they must depend on expert personal injury lawyers who will help them pull through the hassles of legal proceedings.

These lawyers are capable of assessing your claims and making sure that all economic and non-economic damages will be shouldered by the accused as well as other future expenses that will be needed for the full recovery of the victim in a vehicular accident.

Here are some of the things covered in compensation claims:

  • Pain and suffering

  • Hospital / rehabilitation expenses

  • Cost of property repairs or replacement

  • Lost wages because of the inability to attend work

An experienced lawyer knows how to efficiently handle claims in these instances and would be able to represent the victim in case he won't be able to make appearances because of his injuries incurred in the accident.