Precious Metal clay and PMC

In 1990, a Japanese alchemist named Masaki Morikawa developed metal crafting procedures to create today’s sensational accessories and crafting materials known as the precious metal clay and PMC powders.  Throughout the years, cutting edge technology has made these procedures more convenient and applicable for all. Considered as one of the most productive crafting industry, more and more individuals would like to know either how to make one or how to purchase one. What are the things you ought to know about it?    

What are precious metal clays?

Precious metal clays as the term implies; are known as valuable metal pieces. PMC powders are used to create them. It is composed of either pure silver or gold and mixed with a chemical binder. When crafted, precious metal clays are created which are far from the chemical properties of clays. For they are made of metal compounds thereby they are considered as metals. Even so, they feel like clay and they look like clay. Fascinating right? Well, its clay-like attributes doesn’t stop there. It is because they can also be molded and used like clays. With just a little solvent, PMC powders when crafted meticulously will produce an astonishing pure metal jewelry of silver or gold.  

Crafting precious metal clays

Traditionally, metals are crafted by melting and adjoining two alloys. Afterwards, molding, drilling and hammering is done to form the desired product. In PMC crafting, it is simpler and easier. Why is that so? Today, PMC powders are manufactured and packed ready to be purchased. How it is manufactured is another story to tell. Going back to PMC crafting, once the powder is mixed and heated, all you need to do is to mold and polish it. With this, metal crafting is completed in just hours instead of days. Aside from that, you don’t have to be a master craftsman to complete this process. Only one important skill is necessary and that is creativity. With that, you can make your own precious metal clays or make it a profitable hobby.

Buying PMC powders

Precious metal clays and PMC powders can be purchased online or in arts and crafts supply stores while finished products are sold in jewelry shops. For individuals who wants to experience the beauty of creating their very own work of arts, be reminded that there are numerous types of PMC powders.

First is PMC which is composed of either silver or gold. This type of PMC is very common and can be crafted with your finger or simple tools alone. You can purchase this at an approximate price of $60. Next is PMC+. This type of PMC powder is a mixture of 90% silver or gold, 10% water and the organic binder. These powders are sold for an estimate price of $103 per 40g pack. The last and the most expensive of them all is the PMC3. It is composed of fine metal particles making it stronger and less susceptible to shrinkage. A 50g PMC3 can be purchased for an estimated price of $125.

With that, crafting accessories have become more interesting, enjoyable and easier. All you need to do is learn and understand the mechanics involved in precious metal clays and PMC powders.