LinkedIn Traffic Better than Facebook Traffic ?

When it comes to social networks Facebook is clearly the market leader and other social networks like MySpace, Hi5, Orkut are increasingly becoming irrelevant. LinkedIn is one of the few social networks that keeps growing even with the stiff challenge put up by Facebook. LinkedIn is a more business oriented social network and it has being their way before Facebook. The focus of building business connections instead of social connections is one of the biggest reasons it survived the Facebook phenomenon. It is frequently used by CEO,CFO and HR managers for there hiring decision so if you are looking to expand your career it is important to create a LinkedIn profile. It is also a great source to get highly targeted traffic and below are few things you can do to increase traffic from LinkedIn.

Display blog posts in your profile

Add the WordPress widget and show your blog posts

One of the best ways to attract traffic to your blog is by displaying your blog posts in your profile. If you are using a WordPress blog then you can add the WordPress application for LinkedIn and show your posts in the profile. I haven't found a suitable application for other blogging platforms but another popular application widget to display blog posts is the BlogLink widget which works for most other platforms. You can arrange widgets in your profile, so make sure to display it in a prominent area.

Increase Connections

More connections equal more traffic

You need to have a considerable amount of connections if you want significant traffic from LinkedIn. Your profile updates are only visible to your connections so take some time to build connections. Make sure to connect with people who are relevant to your niche, this will increase the chance of them accepting your invitation and  checking out your blog posts. Make sure to complete your profile and add your qualifications before sending invitations to other people.

Update Your Status Regularly

Use a desktop client like TweetDeck

While increasing your followers it is important to regularly update your status. Your status updates and links you share are visible to your connections so you have a good chance of getting some decent traffic. One thing to remember is not to spam your updates. Its better not to post affiliate links in your updates and if you are posting an affiliate link once in a while make sure its a product that you use and you can recommend without any hesitation.

If logging to LinkedIn is troublesome you can use a desktop client like TweetDeck to update your LinkedIn status. You can simultaneously update few networks using that client so I highly recommend that you use it in your social media efforts.

Make Use of LinkedIn Groups

Join, Participate and Benefit

Joining niche groups is another great source for highly targeted traffic. As with status updates don't be overly promotional. Only share your best articles and share it with the relevant group. When joining groups look for active groups, that have at least five or six discussions per week. You can check these discussions as a daily digest or a weekly digest. I have only joined 4-5 groups and in some highly active groups I have opted for the daily digest. Make sure to help other users in your group, answer there questions and you will get some loyal customers and traffic from LinkedIn.

If you want to fully benefit from groups you can start your own group as well. The basics like sending digests done by LinkedIn, but when the group becomes active you might find your spending too much time answering others questions instead of optimizing the service. If things get too much for you can share the group management tasks with other users.

Good source for quality targeted traffic

LinkedIn is without a doubt a good source of highly targeted traffic if you are willing to spend some time connecting with other people. It is also a good place to enhance your reputation and establish yourself as an authority in your specific niche. If you are successfully using some other method to drive traffic from LinkedIn make sure to share it in the comments section :-)