When you are in the Banners Broker business, you can buy as many different color panels as you want.  The only problem is you will need traffic to qualify those panels so you can start making money.  There are many ways to get traffic to your Banners Broker account.

One way to qualify your panels it to purchase traffic packs.  If you are a standard member you can purchase one traffic pack a month.  Standard members pay $15 in admin fees and it is an additional $50 per traffic pack.  You will get 50,000 hits of traffic with each traffic pack and a bonus of 50,000 hits.  Once you purchase more than one traffic pack you are considered a premium member and will be forced to pay $100 a month in admin fees and $50 per traffic pack.

Sales credits is another way to get traffic on Banners Broker.  You can get sales credits every time your referral qualifies a panel.  This will help allow you to qualify your own panels.  Sales credits add up quickly and can be used just like traffic packs .

You can get traffic by collecting organic traffic from Banners Broker.  The way you can get organic traffic is by setting up a choice network.  You can do this under the campaign option.  Choose a website that you would like to advertise on and put as many impressions as you would like to use on the site.  It is smart to select all countries so it is not limited to just a certain country.  If you have a lot of followers on Facebook or Twitter, this would be a wonderful option for you.  When you share the website and they click on the Banners Broker link, it will give you 5 traffic hits per every click on the Banners Broker site.  This means that you need 1,000 people to go to the site to qualify a yellow panel, 3,000 people to qualify a purple panel, etc.

There are a few ways that you can get incentive traffic.  One way is when your referrals under you roll up panels for larger panels.  For an example, if your referral rolls up 3 yellow panels to get 1 purple panel, you would get 10,000 traffic hits in your incentive traffic bank.

It is important to consider how many traffic packs you will need a month.  You do not want to buy more than you need.  Once you buy a certain number of traffic packs you are locked in at that number.  You can always buy more, but there will be a penalty for wanting less.  You will get you 50,000 bonus hits taken away and will be unable to buy traffic packs for another 6 months.  This really means that it is important to not over buy in traffic.

Banners Broker is an awesome business that will really make you a lot of money.  It is important to have patience when starting any new business and wait for it to boom.  Don’t expect to make a million dollars overnight, but within the year, you should be making enough each month where someone with an average amount of bills can quit their day job.  Be sure you have a steady income before you do this though.