blog promotion tips

Starting a new blog on one of the many Blog platforms available like Blogger or Wordpress is easy and user friendly.Finding a subject, niche or topic to write about is a little bit harder.Writing your first few posts can be another step up as you try to be absolutely perfect.But once you have conquered these tasks and have your shiny new blog ready and published for the world to see you realise the toughest challenge still lies ahead.

How do you let the the world know your Blog exists ?

Getting new visitors to your blog, Getting your blog ranked on search engines and building a name for your blog is the next step.You can and will look deeper into promoting your blog over the first few months of your adventure. Promote Your BlogIf your wondering are there Websites and Blogs with advice on "How to promote my blog" or "How to get my blog ranked on Google" the short answer is their are probably too many.

So this article contains 5 simple tricks and suggestion you should start with, before lending yourself to the advice of the self titled Gurus of the Blogosphere.

The Top 5

Submit You Blog Directly To Search Engines - Don't wait for search engines to find you, tell them were to look.

  • Submit Your Blog To Google

  • Submit Your Blog To Bing

  • Get A Feedburner Feed For Your Blog - You can use the options and settings offered by the Google owned Feedburner to promote your blog, and your Feedburner Feed will be needed for future promotion.

  • Create A Feedburner Feed

  • Join And Submit Your Blog To Blog Directory's - You can find an endless list of Blog Directory's with a simple search.

    Two of my favorites and the most effective are :

  • Blog Catalog

  • My Blog Log

  • Use Your Social Networks - You can tell you friends on any social network you may be part of.If you use Twitter and Facebook you can have your you posts automatically updated on these sites.These two posts will show you how to use Twitterfeed and Feedburner and get them to publish your latest posts on both your Facebook wall and Twitter Profile.

  • Using Twitterfeed

  • Using Feedburner Social

  • Leave you link around the web - Now that you have a blog you have a blog address known as a URL get it out there !

    If you post on any forums or groups leave your URL with your signature.

    Add your URL to your Email signature, most Email services like Gmail let you set a default signature to be added to all your Email.

    Do you comment on blogs ?
    All blogs have an area to add your URL in the comment section take advantage of it.


    I have wrote many posts on in dept Blog promotion but they can often only confuse people starting in the fun and crazy world of blogging.Start by using these steps to get started and it wont be log before you see the effects of your work.

    Once you start you blog you should try to add as much content as possable, in general publishing a post a day would be recommended.

    Have many will you use or you any techniques to share that you found helpful when promoting your blog ?