Blogging is one of the best tools in your SEO arsenal. A well written, compelling blog that gets a lot of traffic can increase your online presence significantly and drive relevant traffic to your website. Having a blog directly on your site can give readers a compelling reason to check back regularly, and off-site blogs can be great for spreading the word about your business to members of your target market as well as industry peers.

But creating a good, compelling blog that will win over long-term followers is not easy. Not only do you have to blog regularly, but you have to make your posts compelling and easy to read so that visitors not only find them, but also stay on your site long enough to read through them. Here are a few tips that should help you get readers and make them stay.

Give People What they Want
Whatever your field might be, write about the topics that are of current interest to your target audience. Go online and search for the latest news in your particular industry or field, and use resources like Technorati's popular search term list and Yahoo! Buzz Index's Top 20 Overall Searches to see what your readers are interested in.

Write Clearly and Well
The writing in your posts should be easy to understand and clear. It should flow well and be as devoid of grammar and spelling mistakes as possible. This point is incredibly important. Just a few typos and spelling mistakes can make you lose credibility and turn your reader off from your site.

Use Subheadings
Breaking up your post into subheadings is a great way to give your blog article a good, easy pace that will make the content more readable and compelling. Subheadings work as sort of check points that guide the reader along, in the same way that top ten lists do.

Include Plenty of Pictures
People, and internet users especially, are visual creatures, so make sure to include several pictures in your blog posts. Most web SEO services can help if your blog is too difficult for you to manage.Putting interesting and compelling images that correspond with your equally compelling textual content is a great way to guide your reader's eye along.