As a parent caring for their child, one of the most important things you can do to ensure their health over the years is to make sure they brush their teeth on a consistent basis. This will keep their mouth free from cavities and painful visits to the dentist which they'll thank you for in their later years. Unfortunately, it isn't always that easy to get your child to brush their teeth as sometimes they will have an attitude about it and be incredibly unreasonable about the situation. After all, they're kids, and kids aren't always the most logical in situations that require logic. Fortunately, that's what parents are for.

One method to getting your child to want to brush their teeth is to let them pick out their own personal brush that they like. If they associate their toothbrush with something positive such as their favorite cartoon character or whatever objects is on the toothbrush, they're more likely to want to go back and play with it. Making their tooth brush seem like a toy that they should enjoy playing with is something that can lead to them brushing much more often. In addition to letting the child pick out their favorite toothbrush, you can also let them pick out their own floss, as well as their own children's toothpaste. Giving them free reign and lots of choice on this subject is sure to let them associate it with positive things.

One can always use the very popular practice of rewarding their child with something they enjoy if they do what they're told. A parent can make a deal with their child to let them eat their favorite food the following day if they brush their teeth the previous night. And obviously a part of the deal would be that the child goes to brush their teeth immediately after heeding their favorite food. This way, they associate their favorite foods with brushing their teeth immediately after dinner, hopefully perpetuating a positive cycle of brushing after each meal.

Yet another method for this practice is to pressure teeth with your own children. If they see their parent, who they look up to entrust brushing their teeth, there likely to mimic this behavior and want to participate every time you are. This is doubly beneficial due to the fact that you can watch your child brushing their teeth and make sure they are doing it properly. Brushing properly will ensure a beautiful, white smile and cut down the need for dentistry down the line.