Do you feel tired all the time? Not that "I need to sleep tired" but that "I just can't seem to get going tired?" Are you trying to get your energy back?. Then the first trip should be to your doctor for a checkup, and if everything turns out OK, then there are a few things you can do to increase energy and get rid of that dragged out tired feeling.

Here are Five Tips on Getting your Energy Back!

1. Write it down. This may seem silly, but it actually takes a lot of energy to remember everything you need to do. Everything from picking up the kids after school, to getting that birthday gift for that party and what are you making for dinner!

These may all seem like normal daily things, but then you add a few other thoughts to this and before you know it, your head is juggling all these thoughts and chores and you are tired without even doing anything! Having your mind juggle many things is like a Ferris Wheel. As each seat fills with chores and thoughts, the Ferris Wheel spins faster. So you need to empty some seats! By writing it down, you take that job away from your head, so you can concentrate on the important things.

Get a notepad and keep it on your counter, and write a list of everything from the basic chores you need to do to some thoughts or research you have been meaning to do. Once they are out of your head and on to paper, you can then deal with them one at a time.

2. Getting your energy back, may be as simple as drinking more water, and eating more often. Dehydration, even just being down a glass of water can make you feel dragged out and even headachy. If you haven't eaten in three hours, then it is time for a protein and carbohydrate snack, or your next meal. If you find yourself getting low on energy or feeling tired between meals, then grab a glass of water and some whole wheat crackers and a bit of peanut butter, you should perk up. Reach for this instead of coffee!

3. Eat more pumpkin seeds. They are a great source of magnesium, and this helps with energy levels. Try to stay away from the roasted and salted ones, as they can be oily and fatty. You can get them plain in the bulk food section of your store, and they taste really good and make a great snack.

4. Start doing more stretching. Do you hunch over things when you are concentrating? Getting your energy back, could be as simple as getting up from your desk and having a good stretch and a walk around. You may not feel like moving because you are so tired, but if you can just take that first step, you will be surprised just how much better you can feel and how your brain just seems to function better.

This is the same with long drives. Have you ever noticed that after a while of concentrating in traffic that you tend to hunch over a bit? You need to get out of the car at least once an hour and stretch to the sky with your arms and walk around and have some water before you start the next leg of your journey. This way you are not so tired when you get there.

5. Take vitamin C. Try and get more vitamin C from natural sources such as fruit, but it doesn't hurt to pop a 500 mg. of Vitamin C a day. This will help with your energy drain.

On this subject, it doesn't hurt to visit your diet either. Are you caught in that vicious circle of guzzling coffee trying to get your energy back? Once the coffee wears off, you are back there again, and this starts the roller coaster ride and an addiction to caffeine!

If you are caught up in this roller coaster ride, then don't quit your coffee cold turkey, just slowly start cutting back, and at the same time start adding more fruits and vegetables into your day, especially for snacks. Such as an apple and spoonful of peanut butter, works just as well as that coffee.

Make sure and drink plenty of water, aim for a glass an hour during your working day if you can. Getting your energy back, may not happen with any one thing, but with a combination of little tweaks to your day, you should start to notice fairly quickly the difference. You will get through the day and actually enjoy it, without feeling like it is some kind of marathon!

So, to recap, get out that pad of paper and make your list of thoughts and chores, then drink more water, pop a vitamin C, and take some fruits and veggies and pumpkin seeds to work for a snack. Just before your snack, get up and stretch and walk around. You should start to feel more energy creeping back into your body.

Getting your energy back, simply means we have to listen to our bodies. They are machines that need care and maintenance! They will let you know quite quickly when things are not right and that something needs attention. Your job is to stop and listen, not to grab more coffee and force it to move quicker. You need to find the root cause of this fatigue. If you are medically fit, then you need to visit the diet, the water, the exercise or the mind.

A few tweaks in all these areas, and your body will go back to being the lean machine it was! Getting your energy back feels great once you get into some new habits. So, change out that sugar for fruit and cut back on coffee for water, and write it down, and you should start to feel better and more alive!

Getting your energy back should be the first thing on that "to do list".