Wanting to get your ex back? But how are you going to do it without having to sound devastated or desperate? Surely, there are things that you need to do that will make someone you loved once get back with you.

It is just a matter of dealing the situation. Do not show the ex how miserable your life is without them around for this will surely make your ex think twice of getting back with you. They would likely not get back with you, knowing that they will be involved with someone miserable and desperate.

The Yes and No strategies of winning your ex back:

  • YES. Give them space:
    After breaking up, it is best to give each other space as this help make things clearer for both of you. This winning back the ex strategy is a process that you should follow for it to be successful. Refrain from constant calling, sending emails or text. It will irritate them if you do this every day and it would likely make them more elusive. If they wants to be alone give them that moment of their life and stop pestering them about how your life has changed.
  • YES. Show them that you’re ok: You can try to go out on dates with friends or new acquaintances to regain your self confidence. Meeting new friends will allow you to discover new friendships and will help you regain self-esteem. This way your ex will see your new personality and somehow will help him realize what they're losing. Concentrating on doing self-improvement is definitely a YES to successfully winning your ex back. You can take notes of the traits that your ex doesn’t like about you such as jealousy or nagging. You can do self-improvement by self-assessing and try not to be that way the next time.
  • YES. Recharged yourself and be beautiful: Concentrate on making yourself feeling good and beautiful. If you want to get your ex back, show them what they are missing. An exercise program would do well for your body and mind. Buying yourself a new set of clothes will help you a lot to make yourself feel good. Give yourself a break and pamper yourself with a facial and foot spa helps you feel recharged. This will absolutely make you feel beautiful and refreshed from all the stress you’ve been through.
  • NO. Manipulating the ex: Never control the ex by telling them what to do because your ex will surely despise this. Manipulation is a big NO. Don’t do stupid things because it will do no good but only worsen the situation. Do not act like you are broken into a million pieces when your ex left you.  Surely, you would not like it if your ex will get back with you out of pity, right?
  • NO. Being impatient: Getting back with someone you love needs careful planning because this will take some time. To gain a positive result for this idea, you should not rush things to happen as you wish but instead be patient. As the saying goes,” what you reap is what you sow”. Slowly get back on your feet and start all over again.

This strategy works when done not just by words but by action. It teaches you the method that will eventually make you and your ex get back together. It takes a long process before it happens since self-improvement and gaining self confidence cannot be done overnight. It is a process that will develop over time depending on how much you want it.