Getting your man back after a break up can be a difficult task, but if you love him then your efforts will be worth it. The problem is you are not really feeling or acting like yourself at this time. For you, life has really taken a downward turn without your guy in it. All you have on your mind right now is to get your guy back.

When your guy is the one that initiated the breakup is can be an even more difficult task than if you were the one who broke up with him. When the other person has decided that they just want to end the relationship rather than trying to work things out it might be a little harder to get that person back in your arms. It is usually easier to save a relationship while you are still in it.

Don't despair though you can get your guy back even if he broke up with you. The first step is to make sure that you are absolutely positive that getting back together is exactly what you want. Make sure that you want him back for all the right reasons and not just to save face with someone else, like your parents or friends.

The other thing to consider is that even if you get your guy back in the long run it may still not work out. You both will need to work at restoring the magic in your relationship that you once had. So, open lines of communication are imperative as you work things out.

You must get your emotions in check if you want to get your guy back. If you try to contact him before you get your emotions under control you may do more damage than good. For example, if you contact him and you are an emotional mess, even though he might have been starting to miss you, he may decide that his decision to break up was really the right decision.

Rather than thinking about him every minute, try to get on with your life for a little while. You need to show him that you can be mature about the breakup. Keep your daily routines as normal as possible. Keep yourself looking nice. Wear clothes that make you feel good about yourself. Spend some time with your friends. All this will help get you in a better emotional condition before making contact with your ex.

If you are living your life and not calling, emailing or text messaging him, then you will probably find that he will eventually get in touch with you.

If he does contact you, keep it brief. Just let him know how busy you have been. Act a little indifferent. This approach will probably confuse him. If he wants to see you again, then make sure you look your best. Make the first meeting a short one, maybe just meet for coffee or a quick lunch. Don't allow touching or kissing; maybe before you leave just give him a quick hug. After this it should begin to get to be pretty easy to get your guy back. Just take things slow.

Winning your ex back is just the first step in having a long, lasting and loving relationship. Relationship advice is not taught in our schools. And, often our parents are in a broken relationship, so there isn't much guidance there to help you do all the right things.