Have you ever come across the saying, "If you want to change something, start by changing yourself?" That saying is never more true than in relationships. Besides from your companion, the best person who can assist you in getting your relationship back is yourself. After all, there is no one else that knows the relationship better than you.

There are a good number of self help ideas that you can try, but here are three terrific ones that can start you on the road to getting your relationship back.

1. Talk to Friends

Your friends more often than not know you the best. Moreover, your friends can assist you to see yourself in ways you never did before. For example, you may think you're a comedian but your friends might think otherwise. You may well think you're thrifty, but your friends may possibly think of it as being really cheap. You may think that you're being cautious, but your friends could think you're simply being nitpicky. Genuine friends will tell you the truth about yourself so ask them how they see you, and what you can perhaps do to turn into a far better partner.

2. Keep a Diary

Record your moods, your thoughts, your feelings and actions. By recording how you feel about the relationship at certain times, you can take a step back and get a very objective view of your relationship. You might come across beliefs or patterns you didn't even know you possessed. You may possibly find the recurring issues the two of you fight over the most. As a bonus, maintaining a diary can be very healing, too. You can vent when you're angry without hurting anyone in the process.

3. Try Online Quizzes

It may be difficult to believe, but there are numerous informative quizzes online that can give you an insight on your relationship style, personality style and most importantly, how you deal with relationship woes. You can also find out just how much time the two of you need to spend apart, and how much breathing space you and your partner require. Quizzes can open up your mind to what you do, who you are, and how you look to your partner.

Getting a relationship back DIY style can be a gratifying adventure for you. In the process, you won't just observe the relationships strong and weak points, you can discover far more about who you are, what you're made of, and how you often interact with the people you care most about.