Many young people dream about the day they are going to be wed and want to remember it for the rest of their life.  Many couples like to remember the full spectrum from meeting, courting, becoming engaged and then of course the crowning moment of their wedding.  This can all be done quite easily by you and your partner without involving a professional and without sacrificing quality.

You can choose to make this process in your life into a small movie or use the more popular choice of a wedding slideshow, showing the progression of your relationship from the time before you met through to the wedding day. Here we look at some of the tool that make this possible today whereas just a few years ago it was far from it.

Wedding Album Maker Gold

This is an application you can use for making wedding slideshows.  It offers 260 transition effects to enhance the photographs.  You can add background music as well as captions to your slideshow.  The process is quite simple as you drag and drop your photos or videos to incorporate it into the slideshow.  The next step is to add the background music, menu and narration templates to each slide.  Thereafter you have the option to burn the slideshow to a DVD disc which will provide you with a standard video for you to playback on your television screen.

The slideshow can be converted to video file for you to playback on your mobile device.  This application makes it easy for you to share your important day with family and friends who were unable to share the day with you by sending them a DVD disc.

This application comes at a one-off cost.


Kizoa is a simple way to create beautiful slideshows of your wedding event.  It is a free web application that provides you with the opportunity to create a slideshow of your photographs online.  You can import photographs from Facebook or upload your photos directly from your computer.  You have the facility to add effects, transitions and animations.  It is also possible for you to add background music either from the selection available on the site or from your own music collection.  Once you have completed the slideshow, it is possible for you to save and forward it to your email account, burn it onto a DVD to keep as a hard copy, or post it to Facebook.


This is a simple, but impressive application that provides you with the facility to create a slideshow with your photographs.  You can also create a movie slideshow with your video collection.  It offers you preset templates and is extremely easy to use.  You can create your slideshow in three easy steps.

  • Upload your photos from your computer or anywhere else, such as Facebook, Flickr or Instagram
  • Select your preferred template and video style
  • Choose the music you would like to use
  • Add a narration and that’s it – you have a slideshow

Once you have completed the slideshow, you can download it or share the video via Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, amongst other options.

This application allows you to make and share videos on your Android or iPhone.


Smilebox is a free application that allows you to quickly and easily create slideshows.  You have the option of choosing from more than one thousand customisable designs.  It is available for use on your PC or Mac and the importation of photographs is made very simple.  All you need to do is download and install the app, select the photographs you wish to use, choose a suitable template, add the background music and there you have a wonder slideshow to share with others.  You can share the slideshow via Facebook, blog, email, DVD or print. 

Bolide Slideshow Creator

Bolide is a free, easy to use slideshow creation programme made for Windows.  This application allows you to save your slideshow in WMV, AVI, MP4, FLV and MKV format.  If you wish to place your slideshow on the internet, you can do so by uploading to Facebook and YouTube. 

It is an easy to use application.  All that needs doing is to drag and drop your photos, add the transition effects, either on a random or a selective basis, and save your show in video file format.  What could be simpler and it will not cost you a cent!

Wedding Slideshow Studio

This application allows you to produce great DVD slideshows from your normal wedding photographs.  You can add background music and burn it directly to a DVD disc to view later on your television.  To make use of this application, you have to download and pay a fee which is currently at $49.95.

Muvee Reveal X

This is a stand-alone editing software package for your computer.  It is simple to use.  All you need to do is select the photos you wish to make use of and choose the template you prefer.  You can add background as well as subtitles.  Since all the features and transition effects are readily available, you can complete your slideshow without being connected to the internet.  Once you have completed your slideshow, you can burn it to a DVD for distribution to those who could not attend your event.  You can choose to share your movie on the internet via YouTube, Facebook and Twitter or you can export it in several formats. 

The cost of this application is currently $59.95, but you are able to download a free trial to test the app before you spend the money for the download.

Making use of movie creation applications allows you to capture all the events of your wedding day.  This gives you a great opportunity to retain the memories and to share them with others either by sending them a DVD or uploading your slideshow to social media sites.  Some of the applications are free of charge and others come with a small fee for the download, but they all offer you a simple, easy to use method of turning your special day into a movie.

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