In the 21st century, a computer is a key to able to be on top of the current news and ahead on the trends. Getting a computer can be imperative in this information centered world and so if you don't already have one and you have bad credit, you may feel like a computer is too big of an expense to afford. Luckily, as time passes by, computer prices get lower and lower and what used to be a thousands of dollars cost can now be purchased for less than $500 in many places.

Before considering using a credit card or a personal loan to buy a computer, you should consider saving a portion of your income each month for 6 months and buy your computer outright with cash. Unless you're about to do something (say college for example that requires a computer right away), patience is a virtue and if you stop yourself from indulging in a computer purchase right away, you may be about to stop yourself from getting yourself into more debt that you may not be able to pay back. So, unless you absolutely have to a computer right now, you should wait until you have enough money in your savings account to buy your computer without using a credit card.

However, some people need to a computer now and they have bad credit. Whether you need a computer for school or work, if its a requirement, you should not wait. Believe it or not, even if you terribly bad credit, there is still a way for you get financing to pay for it. Computer loans and financing has been around a long time and has become a process just like getting a loan for a home or car.

The key when buying a computer with no credit or bad credit, is you need to be willing to put a down payment on your computer. The larger the down payment is, the less you'll end up paying for the computer in the long term. There are some computer retailers that also feature zero down and zero financing options for buying a computer. Unless you absolutely cannot afford a down payment and you can't afford to be without a computer, zero down offers should be avoided. When a company offers a zero down and zero financing offer, regardless if its on a computer, car, furniture, etc., you're getting screwed out of a lot of hard earned cash. In the background with interest and fees with those kinds of offers, you can end up paying 300% more than what your computer is worth if you fail to meet the minimum payments or don't pay off the computer before the date the 0 financing ends.

In the end, there are many deals available for people with bad credit to get a computer. If you're in dire need of a bad credit laptop, there are offers out there to help you. Just remember, as with anything to do with credit and loans, on-time payments and payments above the minimum amount required are key to getting good credit. Whenever you miss a payment not only do you end up paying much more on whatever you purchases, but your credit also gets a negative hit which makes it harder to get a loan next time.