Buying a good computer is normally not the cheapest thing to do, but luckily there are a ways to get a computer at a better price. Here are a few of them.

Build your own computer.
If you know how to build your own computer you can usually save a lot of money on a desktop or a laptop. Also this way you can put exactly what you want in your computer and it will be customized to your liking. The one downside to building your own computer though is because you did not purchase it from a retail store you will not have a warranty on it. You may have a warranty on some of the laptop or desktop parts though, but not the system as a whole.

Look for sales at local stores.
Most places, such as Best Buy, offer weekly specials on desktops and laptops. So before going out and buying the first one you see, I recommend trying to find a few deals and compare prices. Chances are if you look for the same computer in a few places, one is going to be cheaper than the other. A quick way to compare prices is to simply go to each stores website and see how much the computer would cost you.

Look for coupons.
Many stores are now offering online coupons for purchases. So if you can wait for your laptop or desktop to come in through the mail then this might be a good option for you. Some coupon codes will be on the website or if you join their mailing list they may send it to you. Also there are many coupon codes websites where you can just copy and paste a code when you checkout an item. Different codes do different things. While one may give you free shipping, the other may give you 10% off.

Do not buy the very best.
Computers become cheaper and cheaper as newer and better computers make their way onto the market. While it is important to get a good computer, buying the best usually means you will be paying more than it is worth. So to avoid this try to find a computer that still allows you to do everything you need it for but not where it is so advanced that you are paying too much. Or if you have patience and can waiter, chances are the computer you want will start to go down in price or will eventually be put on sale.