Even with the most difficult of Dad's!

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Getting a great present for Dad can be a tough task sometimes - fathers are notoriously difficult when it comes to offering suggestions and communicating needs. However, there are always gifts that Dads need, so from tools to boots or from great food gifts to something to cook that food on, we've got some great ideas to get a wonderful gift for that difficult dad.

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Every Dad needs some kind of tools, so this will always be a great present for Dad. Why? Because things break down around the house all the time and to be able to fix many of them, your Dad needs some special tools. Nothing could help your Dad out more than the Makita all-in-one series of tools. With kits starting at just $99, it is very affordable, and all of the tools run off of the same battery. This was you can coordinate with everyone and get Dad the weedwhacker, circular saw, radio, high powered flashlight, jigsaw, or any other of their growing list of compatible tools.

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Dads always need boots, and Carhartt boots make a great present for Dad. Built to last, the Carhartt line of products is an industry leader when it comes to outfitting construction contractors, farmers, or for those Dads who are just notoriously hard on their clothes. With some boots starting at just $60, getting Dad a gift like this is like giving him a gift every time he pulls on those boots.

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Some Dads are unapologetic foodies - they are guys who like good food and are not afraid to admit it. Dads like this know quality when they see it, so to a great present for Dad in this field can be tough sometimes because high quality cooking equipment comes with a matching high quality price tag. If your Dad fits into this category, I recommend a subscription to the cheese of the month club. At $30 per month it is affordable, you can choose a minimum of 2 months if you so choose, and in return your Dad gets 3 1/2 pounds of gourmet cheese each month. Trust me - your Dad will be so thrilled with this gift that he'll have the delivery day marked on his calendar!

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Some Dad's don't go for high end equipment, however. Some Dad's like to cook socially, with friends, and a beer in hand. To get a great present for Dad that will keep on giving here, you have got to get him a speciality grill. Char Broil makes an all-in-one smoker, roaster, and grill that will make your pops the talk of the neighbourhood. And, with a price less than $200, you will thank yourself every time you eat something made from that machine.


Even though our fathers can often be difficult to shop for, it doesn't have to be that way. By planning ahead and using these ideas, you too will be getting a great present for Dad that will keep on giving for years to come. And the best part about this is that he won't even see it coming!