The looser hobo design of handbag is so popular that you may have trouble finding a purse WITHOUT it. They're definitely unsurpassed when it comes to good lucks. But have you considered the potential drawbacks that come with it? The looser the purse is, the more weight is placed on the strap and your shoulder or hand. That nice curved zipper opening is probably harder to open than a straight one would be. These aren't necessarily large problems, but they're worth thinking about before you choose a white handbag in this style.

Since white is such a sensitive color to discoloration, it's wise to know how to tend to a white purse before purchasing it. Some styles are easier to clean up than others. Pre-made leather cleansing products are often best for high-end leather handbags. For lesser purses, you may wish to just apply a mixture of white vinegar and water.

It's very difficult to find **white designer handbags** for under eighty dollars or so. Even the styles that go out of fashion are only all the more valuable for being rare. But spending that much on a handbag is optional. For those who could care less about designer labels, there's nothing stopping you from getting a good-looking white purse for as little as thirty dollars.

The hobo style of white purse isn't for everyone. And a plain, unbroken white surface of a simple white purse can be a bit overwhelming. What design should you look to, then? Well, one of the best ones for the color is a simple quilted design. This adds a little flair to the coloration while not being too bold or hard to handle.

Never expect magnets to do as solid and strong a job of keeping your handbag closed as another mechanism would do. They just can't compete withs snapping buttons or zippers would do for strength. But that weakness is also their advantage, since it makes them much easier to open, too.

There's certainly nothing wrong with buying a fake leather handbag, if that fits your budget best. You won't have to worry about caring for it much compared to real leather. But don't expect to fool the experienced into thinking faux leather is the real thing, either. The texture differences aren't that hard to tell notice.

It can be easy to forget about the little things in a purse, like zip-up metal teeth, zipper tabs, and general buckles. But these things are very notable for being placed in the simple white expanse of fabric. Consider color and shape for these aspects of the handbag just as for the rest of it, as they're likely to draw attention. And the more little pockets your purse has, the more metal it will have to attract eyes away from the fabric.

Fashionable brand names tend to avoid less expensive but equally serviceable materials. If you want a **Tokidoki handbag**, don't expect to find one in cheap plastic. But plastic, nylon, and similar materials draw less attention and are generally easier to tend for in your life. Don't discard the idea of having a cheap 'every day' kind of purse, in addition to your beautiful 'night out' one.