Having a six pack tummy is a major turn on for girls. For some reason, girls know that having a washboard abs is not that easy.

That is maybe one of the reasons why being able to attain a six pack tummy is what makes it manly in their eyes. This task requires discipline, patience, perseverance, rigorous training and healthy lifestyle.

For some men, this goal is too extreme and too hard to achieve. It seems to them that it might take them eternity to get it. But if you look at it closely, getting a muscular and lean abs is not that hard.

There are two things that you must do in order to get a more attractive muscular abs: diet and exercise. Since the stomach is the priority storage for fats, what you should do is to refrain from eating fatty foods.

Food rich in protein is important to build muscles. Wouldn't this make your stomach appear bigger? No. Muscles burn the fats away. And this is why exercise is very important too because it promotes more muscle growth.

Plus, once the muscle contracts, the stomach appears to be slimmer. You can feel this right away after having done a couple of crunches.

That is how quick muscles in the stomach can grow but it is also how fast fats can accumulate. Hence, with a good workout and diet you can prevent fats from accumulating.

Aside from the improved look that a good stomach workout can give, it also makes you more agile and endurance is higher. Reports say that intimacy for men who had undergone such workout becomes more pleasurable than before.

In other words, stress from any physical activity would not be much of a problem for you later on. Although a good abs needs constant maintenance, this would not be too hard since most of the workouts can be done without having to go to the gym. You do not really need slimming pills or supplements to achieve it. Diet and exercise alone is enough.

With all these advantages, one might wonder why would any man not want to get a six pack tummy?

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