Tuscan metal art is very essential for the Italian kind of design. This can be something that you use on your light fixtures and drawer pulls. It can also be the entire focus of your room, if you go for oversized artwork. This is also very expensive and extremely easy to find right now because it is so popular. Even if you don't have a Tuscan design in your room you can still incorporate these kinds of pieces for more of that old world kind of feeling.

The metal tone that you choose is extremely important. You want to go with something a little bit more rustic just because the lines of the pieces are usually very elegant and this style is about balance and more of an understated opulence. In this case there are several directions that you can go in with your metal. Tuscan styles can go with an iron or an oil rubbed bronze for more of antique effect. You could also go with an aged brass. This was popular a few decades ago but it pretty much went out of style for more contemporary painted pieces. The really great thing about this is that you can easily find these pieces on clearance or on sale just because not everyone is buying them anymore.

You really do want to stay away from the shiny metals like brass, stainless steel, and silver. These all have more of a modern or traditional vibe and you might want something a little bit different. If you do have these pieces in your room then consider spray paint. You can even bring in just a painted finish instead of a metallic color. For instance you could go for an ivory or a green. If you aren't crazy about your light fixture then paint it very close to the wall color or ceiling color depending on how far it hangs down into the room.

You can really change the look of basic white cabinetry just by changing up the knobs and drawer pulls. This of course also applies to furniture. In this case, you could go for a more ornate design or a simpler kind of version that would seem modern except for the finish. You could just find very basic square knobs but make sure that they have an aged finish to them otherwise they would seem too contemporary. This is going to really give a little bit of personality to just a basic oak cabinet. You can also go with much more intricate designs in the shape of flowers or leaves.

Tuscan metal artwork is popular in a lot of different design styles right now. Right now a lot of scroll work is very popular and takes the place of paintings. You can also find a lot of metal plate sets. These usually have some sort of engraving on them. The great thing about this is because they are all made of metal you can mix and match them together for a unique look even if you are using items that are plentiful in the stores. You might want to go for oversized pieces so that it looks very elegant. This is a way to add more of a feminine touch to a room. However it still has that metallic element to it so it is also masculine as well. These pieces of artwork should feature a lot of scrolls and intricate patterns. Otherwise it would seem rustic or contemporary.

A lot of these versions of metal will be painted. This is going to give a softer look and also feel more like a farmhouse. It can even feature a distressed look with some of the metal showing through. However you do want to be careful of your color palette. If you go with a basic turquoise and red art piece it can seem a little bit more rustic. In fact you may just be able to find the silhouette that you love and then repaint it with spray paint to that earthier Tuscan color palette.

This is a theme that you can carry throughout your entire room. It can be a lot different than the basic Tuscan theme. It's going to be more understated and easy to live with as well as quite inexpensive. Just go for ornate frames on everything from your art to your picture frames. You can also find large screens that you could turn into a headboard or just use to hide a treadmill. There are even metal baskets that you can use to hold fruit. Continue this theme into the bathroom with a new towel or toilet paper holder. You really have metal accents all throughout your house but since they are so functional and understated you probably overlook them so it's really a matter of noticing the metallic elements in your room and figuring out how to give them that Tuscan metal artwork look.

You can also take a metallic element that you already have and do a little bit of painting to really turn it into something special. You can try to go for an aged copper effect. This will include a lot of greens instead of the basic bright copper that would be more appropriate for other traditional design styles.

You'll really need to layer the paint and then wipe it off. The green is going to stay in the grooves. Then the focus of the piece is going to be on the neutral color that you have underneath. This can even be something very close to an actual bright copper color if you do want to bring in that Tuscan look. It is also a way that you can just incorporate plaster items and then put them with items that look like metal to cut down on expenses and use what you already have in your home. You can then continue the same finish onto your end tables. They should have some kind of a natural motif or a swirl pattern to help soften the lines of the metal because this can be very traditional or elegant. You want to focus in on intricate Tuscan metal art that can really help add this theme into the space with neutral furniture.