A unique kitchen allows you to put your own personal stamp on a room that largely goes without. Even if you don't cook you probably still entertain in the kitchen. In this case it's even more important to focus on decor so no one notices that the food is from a caterer. This doesn't have to be an expensive undertaking, or even permanent. You can still get a one of a kind designer feeling in a rental kitchen just by following a few of these solutions.

Play around with color. You could do this with your dishes, paint choices, or just change out a few of your light shades to something funky like a pink or a purple. Orange can be retro or modern and it's definitely not a choice that everyone else will be making in their kitchen. You can still keep things elegant. You could just use the bright colors on glasses to make the table pop. Stained glass is very traditional for light fixtures and includes a variety of colors.

Reconfigure your space. Open shelving is very popular. The one disadvantage is that you need to make sure that you keep your cupboards organized. You could just take off the cupboard doors from the tops of your cabinets or just a few of the doors. Then paint the back of the cabinet the same as the wall so it seems to just be floating out of nowhere. This instantly breaks up a bank of boring cabinets and at the same time ensures that you get a lot of stylish storage. You probably paid a lot of money for that china so why not show it off? This will also give a lighter and airier feeling to your kitchen which is important for small spaces.

Going for a unique look can solve problems and save a lot of money. Right now stainless steel appliances are both very popular and very expensive. This can be a little bit discouraging. However, you can just go for a different look to really mix things up in your kitchen. This will really save you a lot of money and you may find that it gives you a much more classic look. Before you buy something for your kitchen really ask yourself if it's something that you truly love, or it's just something you want to do to be fashionable.

Make up your own theme. Of course the traditional themes for kitchens are vintage, country, elegant, modern, and French country. However, you can still get a cohesive look. Try copying one of your favorite TV chef kitchens or just use the same color palette in your space. You could even be inspired by a take out box or whatever just really creams good food and entertainment to you. This way your theme kitchen won't be exactly like everyone else's.

You can also put your own unique take on a traditional theme. This will keep things pulled together but you get your own personality. You can shop for accessories in the garden department to literally bring the outdoors in. Look for unique craft projects to make your own hardware like bending silverware for a kitschy country look.

One word of caution you don't want your room to look too kitschy, especially if it's small. Just decide to make a few big statements throughout the space. This will save you time and money and makes sure that you end up with a room that is functional.

You could also have a lot of money by bringing in modern art. Since this uses a lot of bold black and white it really gives you an opportunity to work with the cabinetry and appliance that you already have. Then you can just bring in very bold and daring paint colors.

Another way to get a different look in this kind of room is to just have a lot bring in natural elements. Mother Nature rarely creates the same thing twice. This means that you can really get a lot of use out of a granite countertop. These are very en vogue right now. Each slab will have different variations so it's a subtle way to be in style and still get your own point of view across at the same time.

Mix and match your materials. You might not be able to afford to replace your countertops. However you could bring in a counter height table or island with a granite top. Just make sure that the color coordinates back to your existing countertops, even if they are just laminate. This shows off your personality and allows you to work with what you already have.

With this kind of room you're really going to have to pay attention to every single accessory that you bring into this space. For instance going with a cow shaped cookie jar could be very country; going with a stainless steel canister will seem more modern and can coordinate back to your appliances. Be aware in this kind of situation that if you were to mix the country and modern styles it would just end up looking mismatched. Instead, carry the same idea throughout your room to get the greatest impact.

When it comes to matters of expressing yourself you're really going to want to make a clear list of "needs" and "wants. This will help keep your budget on track. You might want to get your whole family in on the decorating so that everyone is comfortable in the space.

You can find inspiration all around you. It doesn't even have to relate to food. It really should just be something that you are in love with. Do you have a favorite movie? A favorite band? A book you can't live without? There are descriptions of rooms and decor around us all the time but because they are so plentiful a lot of times w just overlook them. On most TV shows the characters stand around in several different kitchens. It's just a matter of putting your own unique take on your inspiration piece.