You might want to try your hand at creating your nursery art if you aren't an artist. This is one of the first impressions that your child is going to have of the world. It might be very important to you especially when you are nesting to really incorporate meaningful items into your decor. This also gives you the opportunity to bring in a unique color palette or create a theme that you usually won't find in these kinds of rooms. This can really fit in with the rest of your house, your own personal design aesthetic or just be the kind of space that you want your child to grow up in. Here are a lot of different ideas for unique ways to either create this kind of artwork.

Canvas nursery art is a little bit more of a sophisticated way to put your room together. This will have a feeling of a high end art piece, but it can also be whimsical and use classic blue or pink color palettes depending on the gender of your child.
Nursery decor art can also be quite sentimental. For instance, you may receive a whole bunch of baby quilts. Some of these quilts might be handmade by the child's grandmother or any even the great-grandmother. This could be the jumping off point for your entire room. You might be able to find a lot of different color inspiration since these kind of pieces usually have a lot of different colors to them. You could hang one of these on the wall and really turn it into a piece of furniture instead of just using it on the bed or as a blanket. This will give it a lot more importance in your theme and also become quite sentimental.

If you are painting the motifs yourself you can really incorporate a lot of different canvases together. Smaller canvases are very inexpensive. However, they can have a really large impact when you place them all together. Plus, for a beginning artist it can seem like a lot less pressure to just complete one or two canvases. For instance if you are painting a very simple elephant kind of shape on a canvas then maybe you could have a few more around it. The ones on top could incorporate the colors of the sky. They might even have clouds in them. The ones on the bottom could be very simple grass elements. You could even tape off or stencil these designs. This allows you to bring in all different kinds of colors to tie all of the mismatched pieces that you might have inherited or from the baby showers. This is a very inexpensive way to really create a theme in your room.

Another popular type of this kind of baby nursery wall art is to go with a very dramatic theme. You can really do this just by bringing in the mural. Of course, you can hire someone to do this for you or you can just put up wallpaper that replicates the mural. This could include a castle theme or may be something of an outerspace design for a baby boy. This allows you to get graphic and crisp elements. Plus, these kind of murals will last for a few years at least until the child's is into picking out their own decorating themes. This can be the inspiration piece for your entire room. You might want to choose kind of an outdoor theme just because since their rooms are little bit small this will really expand the visual effect of the space. In this way it really brings the outdoors or even outer space inside.

You really don't even have to be able to paint a picture to create custom artwork. If you just use word stencils or even paint markers it can really make a big impact in your space. You could do this on canvas or directly on the wall. You could paint your child's name on the wall or even in your family monogram for a very custom feeling. You could try this on the wall so that you get a very crisp and clean online. You could also add accents that would work with the rest of the theme such as flowers or vines for a garden theme or go with a crown if you want a princess theme. This gives a very personal touch and it really isn't hard to accomplish. You could also paint the same look with wall words which are just vinyl letters that you place on the wall. Since you did spend so much time picking it out you mine as well really show it off.

Art for a nursery can really be a bonding experience. This could be something that you make at a baby shower or send something out to family and friends. For instance you could make a family tree. You could paint this on the wall and then paint different frames from all the different family members. This way your child can really get to know everyone who loves right from the very start. This can also be quite sentimental if the grandparents lived across the country and you still want them to be part of the decorating process. Everyone can send in a different picture or photo. You could also just register for different artwork or request that your family give this for your shower. Then you could create a collage on your wall so that everyone really takes part in the nursery creation process.

Another fun a way to get everyone into the act of making baby nursery wall art is to go out to the craft store or the dollar store and buy a lot of different paints, brushes and canvases. Bring all of your friends' home and have a little bit of a painting party. Keep everything in the same color palette just so that things seem very cohesive. You could just send everyone a different animal or pattern to paint on the canvas. This can create a very personal and also a unique touch and can just be a very fun or moving experience for your entire family.