It's sometimes difficult to get a high google page rank, and it takes time to learn to master. If you're new to making money on the internet, you'll need to familiarize yourself with google seo words, backlinks, and promoting articles for best chances of getting a high google page rank. When you climb above google's page rank, you'll be able to drive more web traffic to your blogs, or websites. It takes a lot of work, time, effort, and patience when it comes to making money on the web. Making money online isn't for everyone and it can hard to do at first. Patience and persistence is required.

Google is important for few reasons. One, they're the largest search engine on the web. They have over billions of websites indexed on their search engine. So getting a high rank is not easy when you have millions to billions of others to compete against. You have a lot of competition out there on the web. What makes your blog or article more special than others? You can write the most creative and imaginable piece of work, but if you don't know how to drive traffic to it, then it's a waste of time.

Most people who make money online have a google adsense program. Which means google gets paid by companies to use their ads on the web. Most people who have a blog, or website, use the google adsense program to make money off it. Another reason why google is important because they offer the chance for you to make money off them. If you're making money off their adsense program, you'll need to pick good google seo words. Even if you're not, google still provides a large amount of traffic to their search engine. Everyone online website needs google to drive a large volume of traffic to their site. Whether you make money off google, or have your own company on the internet, everyone needs to use google to maximize their chances of making good money on the internet.

First step to driving traffic to your site is using good google seo words, known as search engine optimization words. This means words that are relevant to your site, or product you're trying to sell, which will drive in more traffic to your site. For example: If I have a basketball blog, and I'm talking about baseball, that won't work. I need words, keywords, or phrases that will drive in traffic to my topic. I need to stay within my topic, which is know as a "niche" and is very important in having in you're going to make money. If someone on the web is searching the keywords "NBA basketball" for example, I'd want to be sure I have those words on my site, so they'll show up on google's search engine, and be directed to my web page. That's one method of creating what is called a backlink. Seo words that get directed to your website on search engines.

Now learning how to pick proper SEO words, phrases, and keywords in order to get a high google page rank can be a bit complicated. Let's think about it, there's a lot of keywords being used on the web. Why should google use yours ahead of thousands, to sometimes millions that have already been used? There are a few things to help minimize the competition of keywords. Researching the seo keywords you're using, along with the titles that you use are critical. I like to do a what is called a allintitle search on google. It's really easy, you go to google's search engine and type in the keyword or title phrase you want. For example:"google search engine" and see how many results pop. The exact matches of those words used in other titled articles on google's search engine will pop up. If there's a few hundred, then that's not too bad. If there are a thousand or more, well, then maybe I'd better pick another keyword or two to help minimize competition. Less competition, then more likely you'll get a high google page rank.

Google has a tool called search-based keyword tool. This tool helps you figure out the competition for certain keywords. The keyword tool helps show the monthly searches for keywords, along with the competition. After all you want keywords that will still drive in traffic. If you type in the words "make money", you'll see there are 82,000 monthly searches. That's great! Only one problem, there's a stiff amount of competition for these words. Meaning, if you have a blog about "make money", and these are your keywords, you're not going to rank very well on google's search engine using these words.

However, if you scroll down on the keyword tool, you'll see less monthly searches, but probably less competition. For example, the keywords "creating ways to make money". Which will then, more than likely help you get a higher page rank on google's website. Less competition of keywords, the higher rank you'll get on google's search engine.

Now this is just the basic and simple ways to help get a higher page rank. There's much more strategy, effort, and work that goes into getting a higher google rank on more competitive topics. You'll want to pick titles carefully. Titles that aren't repeated on google's search engine should be avoided if possible. Repeated titles get very low page ranks if there are already thousands of them on google's search engine. Say there's may 20-50, it might be worth it. Sometimes they don't even get indexed on google's search engine if there's already a stiff amount of competition. When that happens, you'll barely ever get traffic to your websites.

I always go to google's search engine and type in a title before using it. I type it into google's search engine and see how many hits come up of the same, or similar title. If I see a lot of the same exact titles, then maybe I change a few words. It's not always bad to use the same title. Say you type in the exact same title, and there's maybe 100 already on google, but maybe one on the front page. I might say why not use it, doesn't seem like the other titles are much competition. Say there's only 25 titles, but 7 are on the front page. Then I would say forget it, because those 7 mean high ranking page sites and it will be harder to bump them out of page ranking. Or hard to maintain a consistent high page rank on google. Articles get crawled in, and out of page rank all the time on google's website.

I also look at the search results, to see how many search results it gets. An article title that has 300,000,000 search results might not rank as well. Too many familiar matches that might outrank your title. A title with 10,000 search results might be great to use, because it might rank higher without as many similar matches or web results on google. There's not one way to figure it out for sure. Best way is to experience for yourself.

Pick proper titles and seo keywords to climb up google's web rank. Do a heavy amount of promoting as well. Google likes a lot of backlinks, and will reward websites that have a heavy amount of backlinks. As long as they're not spam backlinks. Backlinks require more effort and time. That means promoting your sites on other sites. Those who have their own blogs and websites can't survive running a successful online business without backlinks.

Research, learn, and experiment. Getting a high google page rank can be sometimes difficult and it's hard to figure out a consistent formula for it at times. The better seo writer you become, the better chance you'll optimize your chances of getting better page ranks on google's search engine.