Getting an Article Featured on Infobarrel

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I am writing this charity article to provide some insight into the Featured Article spot.  Recently, after 2 months of writing on Infobarrel, I was fortunate to be chosen for a featured article.  I have enjoyed the recognition, the comments and the interactions with fellow IB writers, and wanted to share other benefits I have noticed.

If I can show you how this has helped me, a new writer, maybe more people will write articles that can be featured.  This will increase the competition for the front page, giving more selection for admin and raising the bar for the home page.  It is the first thing a lot of visitors see on Infobarrel, and an excellent place to have full of scintillating articles!

What Does Having a Featured Article Mean to a New Writer on Infobarrel?

At the time of writing, 2 articles are chosen to be featured on InfoBarrel's home page each day.  The eighteen most recently chosen featured articles are posted on the Infobarrel home page for nine days total.  Then they remain on the header page for their topic category for some time after that. 

For off site promotion, Infobarrel administration show featurted articles on also tweets the featured articles.  This enhanced exposure is awesome for you as a content writer.  You may see;

  1. A boost in traffic.  For a new writer, it can be a dramatic percentage increase, my daily page views doubled the first day.  Maybe you will get a few Adsense or Chitika clicks as a bonus.  Generally, other infobarrel users don't click on ads, but you will get more non-members reading all your articles.  Page views increase on other recently published articles too.

  2. Increased exposure on the site - If you have not already introduced yourself on the forums, this is where other Infobarrel members will first meet you and your work.  Being part of the writing community can mativate you and teach you tips, tricks, tools and shortcuts to improve your article writing on Infobarrel and other content sites. 

  3. An increase in friend requests - By befriending, any new articles you publish will be listed in your friends feeds and may result in more views.  With the friendliness of the IB community, sometimes those new articles may generate more comments and even thumbs up votes to increase your article rating and  google "+1" votes. You will find it easier to keep track of the activity on the site by reading the your feed to see what articles your friends are publishing and commenting on. 

Traffic to My Infobarrel Articles Before and After Being Featured

The First Big Spike was Oct 12th, Feature Day!

Traffic to My Infobarrel Articles before and after Being Featured
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How to Get a Featured Article

Improving your Chances

  1. Study the editorial calendar of planned features for the following month.  You can see it through the submit a feature tab at the top of Infobarrel.  Use the topic list for ideas and choosing articles to write.  There is a lot of flexibility and choice as there are about 60 topics each month and often they are very open-ended, like "Top 10 lists".  The more days in the month that you write for, the better your chances of getting a featured article.
  2. Infobarrel administration has a  How to get your Article Featured hints and tips list,  they know better than anyone what they are looking for!  Go through the Submit a feature tab and click on the upcoming month editorial calendar, all you need to know is there.

  3. Highlights are, include good quality properly credited pictures, citations and references if possible, attractive formatting with proper uses of titles and uniform image widths.  The article should be entertaining, interesting and useful for the reader.   Admin recommends also reading this article on The Anatomy of a Viral Article by Ryan.
  4. Increase your odds again by looking at the Editorial Calendar for updates later in the month.  Topics that have few or no submissions are in bold so you can choose an under-submitted topic or day to write for. Often the calendar updates are announced in the Infobarrel forum.

Another bonus of submitting potential featured articles is that your ad share can be raised from 75% to 80%.  You gain 1% per article that fits into the editorial calendar up to 5%.  Of course you can gain another 15% ad share by writing articles to give over 30 points in the monthly contest, to bring your share up to 90%.

Writing Your Featured Article!

I hope this helps users, new and old.  The forum is so helpful and if you are new here, the best thing you can do for your online and passive income career is check it out and meet the other members.  Writing for Infobarrel is fun and feeling part of the community can really motivate you! 

My first featured article was an unlikely article about Extreme Winter Vegetable Gardening.   Start writing your featured article today.