Fix the fixers!

Get rid of corruption

CORRUPTION! What keeps it going?


Philippines, a country with strong freedom of speech and courageous residents. We don't care if it's the president speaking or ordering so long as it's against our will, we won't follow. That's something I admire with the Filipino people, they stand for what they think is right; but, what if they're wrong? Nah, forget about it. All I wanted to say is why are we suffering from severe case of corruption?

Another impeachment trial has passed; who is standing in defense? none other than our chief justice.  Now I assume what I'm saying here is crystal clear. Sadly, corruption seems to eat us all alive and we have no choice but to stand and be eaten. No one will save us now because the supposedly heroes of the countries are sitting in the impeachment court, accused of stealing the people's Cavan. Now, is it clear yet how the poor people end up being corrupt too?

What is an NSO birth certificate?

An NSO birth certificate copy is the original and official form that gives essential information about a certain person born and registered in the Philippines. The document has data like the name of the person, his/her father and mother's name, the place he/she was delivered, their proper address and the like. NSO birth certificate is as important as your visa, passport, driver's license, and other I.D.'s. It serves as a primary need in getting or registering another identification card. 

It is not new to us that Filipinos can be found in all parts of the world. We like working outside our country! we like serving other races or people aside from our beloved family. That is important if you wanted to give your family and children a better future, because if you will stay here in the Philippines, nothing will happen; born poor, die poor. So if you wanted to work outside, first thing you're going to fix is a decent, original, and certified copy of your birth certificate. This document will be release upon request in the national statistics office (NSO); mind you, it's not easy getting this document. Computers doesn't seem to work everyday; government employees seem to have much important business in the telephone with their friends than the people lining up for their PAID services. 

Well, those are just some of the reasons why I don't like going to government offices like NSO. Time is Gold, so why waste it falling in line? Anyway, there are people inside who offers services that will make it easy for you. But that service isn't free! of course you have to pay, what? twice or thrice the price of the document you're getting? naaaah who cares? so long as they give you what you want and what you need. 

The extra income

Because of the extremely low-income received by the Filipinos working in the government offices, they tend to be corrupt as well. At some point, we cannot blame them; they're just finding ways on how to feed their starving families. Plus, don't forget about the corrupt officials! if they can do it, why do the common people can't? I'm not saying corruption is accepted just because the officials are corrupt too, I'm just reasoning for those who cannot voice out. 

It is indeed sad to find cases like this. So what else can we do to help them? Don't avail their services; as the title says, FIX THE FIXERS!

Disadvantages of getting documents through the fixers:

  1.  You'll pay extra payments for their services; just like you, they also eat. So every time you use their services, it's your responsibility to buy them snack, pay their transportation fares, and pay twice the amount of the document you're getting. 
  2.  They’re not responsible if the document you got is not a good copy; if it’s blurred your fault. 
  3. Time is what you’re after but do you hold their time? We always wanted to get our work done fast; another reason we go for fixers but based on my experience, we don’t hold their time; they do their work when ever they want. If you wanted them to work fast, you have to call them every time and complain with the poor services. 


If you wanted to get your documents without extra headache, get it yourself. Just bring the following in getting you NSO birth certificate copy and the rest shall follow:

- Valid I.D.'s like postal I.D. or school I.D.

- Payment for the requested document

- If you wanted it to be delivered in your place, just call in their hot line and they'll ask you for the necessary information.

-Pay your document at the bank. If you're not going to pay within the day, don't expect your birth certificate to be process.

Let's start with simple things that can fix the fixers in the government and everything shall follow. We should start with ourselves to clean our government from corrupt officials and slowly, our beloved country will surely rise again from poverty.