Looking fit is a dream most only contemplate. Seeing that sexy six-pack as all to hard of a goal. Unfortunately, it is a hard goal but very achievable. In order to look fit you much be fit. In today's world with diet pills and fancy exercise machines being thrown in your face every time you open a browser or turn on the television, it's hard to know which path to take. However, there is only one road leading you to fitness and that road consists of hard work and diet changes.

Diet is a very complicated subject, but very worthwhile to learn. The topic of supplements, diet shakes and all other non food consumables is for another day. The key to remember with diet is meat and vegetables. It's simple, eat lots and lots of vegetables. Cutting down on vegetables high in carbohydrates is important. Lean and fresh meat is important. Three main reasons for eating meat are for Iron, protein and satisfaction. If you are really serious about being fit, diet is the first place you should start to research and carry out into your life. Remember it's not about going on a diet for three months, it's about changing your lifestyle.

Along with diet, exercise is key to a healthy lifestyle. However, exercise is also a tricky subject and varies from person to person and from goal to goal. With that said, there are a few simple rules that apply to everyone. Training hard is critical, training regularly is critical and sticking to your training is essential. Starving your body with oxygen will increase Lactic Acid in your body, which will release the hormones needed to burn fat. You can sit on a treadmill for three hours a day but unless your body releases those hormones there will be no results. The best way to get Lactic Acid flowing is with interval training. Interval training is about high intensity, short bursts of energy. The best way to do this is with a bike. You can change your speed very easily with a bike.

All this is overwhelming and seem all too hard, but imagine going to the beach this summer and being proud of your body. Imagine if you didn't feel self-conscious about what you looked like. Imagine knowing you are doing the best by your body and feeling the physical and mental benefits of rich nutrients and exercise. These goals are hard to meet but learning about diet and exercise is the key to success.