When you're creative, there are a lot of projects you can put together, a lot of different work environments you can get into, and you don't even have to have formal education as long as you have the skills and the ideas, plus you know how to get your foot in the door. And if you don't you need to either learn it or take the typical path of getting formal education and starting your career at the very bottom.

Most people don't like to be pushy, but sometimes you have to do something you don't particularly like in order to be able to do what you love. As a creative person, you can utilize that creativity to land you a great job even if you're worried that you don't have journalism or a web design degree. Your talent and your unconventional ideas, if utilized in the right environment, will definitely get you noticed and your chances for the foot in the door interview will grow significantly. And from there, you just need to get the rest of you in.

Think of what is your strength and make it work for you. If you're best face to face but can't get an interview, record yourself ad send in a videotape, forward a clip online or show some bald stubbornness and show up without an appointment to try to speak with an HR person, the manager or at least the boss's assistant. Putting your face in front of these people will get you noticed, and if you additionally have a good story to tell, you just might make it.

If you feel better with presenting your talent from afar or are just afraid pushing for an appointment may be disqualifying, prepare an interesting pen tablet or booklet presentation of your talent. Put together a project of an ad campaign for a product the agency is already advertising, propose an update to the website they manage or present ideas for a series of articles that would fit into the magazine's style but not cover material that has already been published.

Sometimes you need to get brave and step out of the safety box. Instead of sending in a CV to an interior designer looking for an assistant, send in a model apartment complete with tiny carpets, light fixtures and vases; go after an interesting story and send it in with pictures but blacked out pertinent information like names and places; send a singing telegram to a couture salon and have the singers dressed in clothes made by you. Show that not only are you talented, but you can also come up with some fresh ideas when it comes to promoting your work.

Getting your foot in the door when all you have as your backing is your talent is not easy, and there will be many people who will throw you back outside if they even let you sneak in for a moment. You may be willing to fight for your spot, but if you would rather use your creativity to mix things up, to bring in new ideas, you may want to concentrate on yourself and instead of asking for others to give you a chance, take a chance and start your own business, where all the doors will be wide open for you and you'll only fight for clients, which with your creativity should not be a difficult task.