Many people are probably tired of the Men in Black franchise. Let’s face it: how many sequels can they make before all the jokes get old and make you want to cringe rather than laugh? Well, Men in Black 2 may have floundered, but the third installment of this alien trilogy is fun, refreshing and at the heart, it’s a story that ties together the history of its two lead characters.

Agents K and J are still partners working for the secret government agency, the Men in Black. After working a case, K disappears in reality, having been killed in the past by an alien with a grudge. Only J remembers who K is and goes back to the past in order to prevent the murder.

There are 3 reasons why you should watch this movie:

  1. It’s still funny. Crazy, right? After the third installment, most movies get old, the jokes become redundant and the plot falls flat. That isn’t the case here. The movie is still fresh while still maintaining its original vibe and comedic whips. There were several laugh out loud moments and it’s funny without being forced.
  2. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. These two without a doubt make one of the greatest onscreen duos in movie history. Between Smith’s sometimes goofy and inappropriately timed humor and Jones’s stern and completely serious and grouchy demeanor, there is a great balance to their partnership. It’s great to see their dynamic play out onscreen. 
  3. Josh Brolin. If you weren’t convinced that anyone could pull off Tommy Lee Jones’s Agent K, think again. While Jones is replaced by Brolin for most of the movie, when you’re watching Brolin play the younger version of Agent K, you’d have thought you were watching Jones the whole time. From the nuanced facial expressions to the voice and the way he walks, you won’t miss Jones’s older Agent K as much as you thought you would. The portrayal is so accurate, it’s scary.

Also, Emma Thompson’s character may have replaced Agent Zed, but she was a welcome and entertaining addition to the cast. Her speech at Zed’s funeral was hilarious. Also, Lady Gaga is an alien. Who knew?

Finally, what made the movie less ridiculous than the second film was the presence of a plot that involved both characters in a significant and emotional way. And while I always have issues with time travel movies because of the paradox, Men in Black 3 gets much more right than wrong and is definitely worth the watch.