Waxing at home - the most effective way to remove unwanted body hair?

Waxing is a hair removal method that effectively pulls the hairs out from the root, therefore waxing an area will keep unwanted body hair at bay for longer than other methods, such as shaving with a razor.

All beauty salons offer a waxing service for both men and women. From the traditional bikini wax, both the female bikini wax and the male bikini wax, to leg waxing to back waxing, a beautician will wax any body hair you want removed. These beauticians are qualified, skilled, provide a good service and are relatively cheap but many people don’t like using them. Even though the beauticians have seen it all before and really aren’t bothered about what their clients look like, many people simply don’t feel comfortable having a complete stranger waxing their unwanted body hair. For these people the ideal solution is waxing at home.

Waxing at home has become more popular over the years and it is now easier than ever to remove unwanted body hair waxing at home. Many cosmetic companies now make waxing at home kits which includes everything you need to get rid of your unwanted body hair. Getting hold of a waxing at home kit is not difficult and there is no need to go to a special retailer or website since most large supermarkets stock these waxing at home kits. It is now possible to buy a waxing at home kit with your weekly grocery shop.

Even though the waxing at home kits are simple to use you do need to take a bit of care when using them to remove your unwanted body hair. Before you start smearing the wax over your unwanted body hair you need to read the instructions. Skim reading the instruction booklet is not enough, so make sure you read it all the way through. If you are unsure of anything or don’t understand any aspect read the instruction booklet again, and again if necessary. If you have any doubts at all do not use the waxing at home kit and use an alternative method of removing your unwanted body hair.

A smooth chest is easily achievable waxing at home.

A smooth chest

Even once you are sure how to use the waxing at home kit it is not a green light dive in and smear the wax over the unwanted body hair. The wax contains chemicals and there is always the possibility you will have an allergic reaction to the wax. Because of this, you should do a test and smear a small amount of wax from the waxing at home kit on to a small and inconspicuous area of your skin. If you do this test you know if you are going to have an adverse reaction to the wax or not.

It is important to test the wax of the waxing at home kit each and every time you use a waxing at home kit. Just because you don’t have an allergic reaction to one brand of waxing at home kit it doesn’t mean you won’t have a reaction to a different brand of waxing at home kit. Similarly, you need to do a test even when using the same brand of waxing at home kit. No two waxing at home kits are exactly the same and the chemical formula may be very different, therefore you need to test each and everyone before use. It is better to be safe than sorry so you should always test the waxing at home kit. Once you are satisfied you are not going to have an allergic reaction to the wax you can then go and smear the wax over your unwanted body hair.

When using a waxing at home kit you should follow the instruction booklet to the letter. Never be tempted to leave the wax on for longer than is stated in the instruction booklet, as this may cause damage to your skin. It is, however, OK to remove the wax before the allotted time is up, although the results may not be as good if you decide to do this.

When using a waxing at home kit you should never immediately wax an area you have already waxed as this may have an adverse effect on your skin. Even if the results are not as good as you’d hoped for and there is still a bit of unwanted body hair left, never re-wax the area. Similarly, you should follow the advice in the instruction booklet as to the amount of time you need to wait before you can wax the area again. For example, if the instruction booklet says not to wax the area again for at least four weeks then do not wax the area again for at least four weeks. Ignoring the manufacturer’s instructions and advice may result in additional problems. 

If you are going to do some waxing at home and have a lot of excess body hair you are going to need to shave it with some clippers in the first instance.

The Babyliss male grooming toolCredit: http://www.flixya.com/photo/2402667/The-Babyliss-hair-shaver-the-ultimate-male-grooming-and-manscaping-tool

If you are attempting to wax a ‘difficult to reach area’ with a waxing at home kit, such as your back or the back of your thighs, you are going to have to enlist the assistance of a family member, close friend or partner. If you have to get the help from another person you have to ensure your helper has read the instruction booklet and that they know exactly what they need to do. Similarly, you must ensure your helper follows the instructions to the letter and does not alter amounts, timings or anything else. Remember, it is your skin you are dealing with here and if anything goes wrong you are going to suffer and not your helper, so you need to point this out.

Being able to wax unwanted body hair in the privacy of your own home is great and the waxing at home kits really do make removing unwanted body hair a quick and simple process. Provided you do everything the instruction booklet says you should have no problems in using a waxing at home kit however it may be a different story if you ignore the instruction booklet and do your own thing.