On one hand you know perfectly well that no one looks lie the models on the covers of magazines, even those very models, since they are photoshopped, but then on the other hand you are somewhat stuck in the society’s drive towards perfect figure and may get lost reaching for unhealthy solutions like “miracle” diet pills, “wonder” diets, even go as far as eating disorders in quest for what media makes you believe is a perfect body. sure in the choice between slim and overweight slim wins, but it’s not due to visual factor but because an overweight person faces a greater possibility of medical issues, from diabetes to heart problems, muscle and joint pains as well as others. That is why it’s not a bad thing to want to loose some weight, but it has to be done in a smart way, plus you have to have a healthy, reasonable goal in mind. Forget all those size zero models made thinner by computer graphics, and simply do your best to get the body that is healthiest for you.


Change won’t happen on its own, and you certainly won’t loose the unhealthy weight by pretending carrot cake is veggie packed and thus a good nutritional choice. If you really want to shed those pounds and have a healthy, fit body, you’ll have to make some menu changes and stick to them, since consistency is a must. Planning your weight loss smart you will plan it long term, so you can start slow by replacing your usuals with healthier alternatives like eating low carb bread rather than white, using oil and vinegar in place of a fatty dressing, drinking water instead of soft drinks and such. Slowly start eliminating unhealthy foods like junk food, sweets, fried favorites and replace them with more vegetables, fish, some fruit, whole grains that you steam cook, bake or eat raw for most value.


In addition to changing what you eat, change how you eat. Smaller portions eaten more often will provide your body with enough energy to get you through the day, but won’t be too hard on your digestive system. You’ll feel perfectly full and satisfied but you won’t fee heavy and stuffed. Five small meals a day is the optimum, starting with a solid, well balanced breakfast, then a snack, a filling lunch, another snack and light dinner. To better control your portions use a kitchen scale or measures, then eat slowly chewing thoroughly, and don’t go for seconds. In addition drink plenty of water throughout the day, and you should not feel hungry for a minute.


Obviously sitting on the couch and wishing you were slimmer, even with an improved diet, won’t give you the results you’re looking for, so you need to get moving. Try different activities to find ones you enjoy and alternate them during the week so you don’t get bored with always just playing squash or only going to yoga. The more variety you introduce into your work out the more fun you’ll have with it, and if you additionally find an exercise buddy, you’ll actually start looking forward to your activities. But no matter how much you get to love your exercise and how great you think your healthy food is, you need to remember that your goal is to be healthy and not skinny, so stay in shape but don’t push yourself too much. Remember that it’s okay to have a cookie on occasion or to skip your fitness class from time to time, just as long as in general you lead a better, healthier, more active life.