I am an article writing newbie so I thought I would document the process I am going through to write a gazillion, well thought out, and informative InfoBarrel articles.

Hopefully, I can look back and see where I went wrong and where I went right.

Topics Of Interest

As soon as I heard that money could be made writing articles online I created a google document and typed out a list of topics that popped into my head.  These topics centred around my life experiences, lessons learned, and my travels around the world, as well as my thoughts about the future.

Pen and Paper

Instead of booting up a computer, deciding on what word processing tool to use, and staring at a blinking cursor, I decided to reach for an archaic device called a pen and its close companion - paper.

Write and write and write.  Don't stop!

Once my first article was written I moved immediately on to the next and so on and so forth.  


To continue writing make sure before you begin you've found a quiet spot, turn off your phone, sit at a table, and only hit the keyboard once you've reached a goal of 20 articles.

Keyword Research

Once you have a substantial number of articles under your belt start utilising keywords using the google adword tool or Market Samurai.

The reason I write a few articles first before looking for keywords is to keep me away from the internet.  I can spend hours searching for various keyword combinations and then I stumble upon an interesting article or end up checking my email which inevitably keeps me from writing more articles myself.  Stay away from the internet as long as possible.

I can either tailor my pre-keyword articles around well searched for keywords or write new articles to accomodate this.

I have some experience in using the various keyword tools so I tend to look for keywords that offer low competition and a handful of searches a day.  If the competition is high you don't stand a chance.

What I've also learnt from creating niche websites is at the end of the day:

Go with what you know

It's incredibly mind numbing to write about something you have no experience in or a topic that bores you.  I tend to give up easily when attempting to write these articles.

So, to start off my article writing quest I will churn out as many articles as I can based on the factoids stored away in my brain.  If anything it's an excellent brain emptying exercise.