Getting started with writing for InfoBarrel

(and overcoming that VOICE OF DOUBT stopping you from starting to make extra money through your passion for writing)

I sit here hesitating and almost kicking myself to start. I share this to let you know you're not alone in standing at that invisible edge of fear between you and your goals.

Yes, like many others, I dare to fancy myself a writer, but as it seems, like most writers, I have issues about expressing myself for fear of getting shot down, being not good enough or hating everything I write. Think scarring experiences from childhood.

In fact, my heart is racing as I write this, which might sound ridiculous, but in any case, there you go.

This share is hopefully going to help you to take the step over that edge, to tell you that you're not alone and so you too can express yourself through writing, share your experiences in a safe environment and hopefully benefit by getting paid for your passion.


Overcoming first time nerves

 As you read my articles you might find common structures. I fall back to structure for several reasons. In this case of my first time writing and publish in a writer's market, using one of my structures is helping reduce some of the anxiety I have for sharing my writings.

A plan helps me direct my energies so I can focus on bringing out my best and takes some of the intense emotion away, that at times prevents me from starting.

Actually, I have all sorts of structures and systems that I use for all sorts of activities, just so I can create, more and more every day. The one I chose to use for here, is my 'before, during and after structure', plus a couple of descriptive titles I included afterwards so I can distill my thoughts and point of view, as well as to hopefully make it easier for you to find the bits interesting to you.



Before I chose to register with, I had known a little about Helium, another writer's market. But, after reading their terms and conditions, I got put off by one of their conditions of having my writings for one year exclusively. I just couldn't agree.


Leverage off your motivations

I also had a crap week at work this week and I know I can't rely on anyone to pay me to be all that I am. All year I've been reading and learning about passive income ideas and how to make money online. You have to be in it to win it and another moment I delay, someone else is taking another step towards their financial freedom. Why can't I? =  Why can't you?. While I'm not giving up my day job (which I am still very passionate about). Passive income as an income model is irresistible. I know this from my days as a successful recruitment consultant. I write everyday, so why can't this be one of my ways to make extra money?



So, I also did a bit of research and the common factor for choosing came down to ethics. Afer spending a short time researching other writing websites where you can generate a passive income through writing articles, nearly every blog post and article mentioned InfoBarrel's ethical position, which ultimately helped make their decision to join. A valued criteria to us people. A perfect place to nurse my anxiety.

That was a few days ago. I put it on my to do list and it lingered there.


Do it your way, just don't let it go.  

I left it for a few days mainly because I was avoiding. The task seemed too big still.

My to do list:

Passive income stream no. 1; Write for the web.

Writing an article good enough for placing on the web for others to see and read. Big scary situation. Once I realised my mind was clouded by so much fear, and these fears were disabling me to the point that I sat there frozen with frustration, feeling overwhelmed with a blank mind not knowing what I was doing... my ah-ha moment came.  Plus my to do list item (above) was so big it was like it cancelled itself out.

Blank mind...what do I do...? And that's when I found my first step of many first steps.


Answer your own question, no one's watching (or cares)

 I answered my question of 'what do I do?' with another question. What would I want or need to do before I did anything else? And who cares anyway! Just do something towards earning on the web for god sake! I read so many articles online and I know what keeps me reading and what makes me click away in a moment. I can do this, if not for others, then for myself. I can put my life tool kit and journey in one place and if other's find it valuable, then that's just brill.

So, my next action plan:

  1. Read up a bit more on site

  2. Decide then, if you want to get an account

So I did it. I registered.

These might seem like small steps, but my belief is that it doesn't matter, each step forward is a step forward and you can't argue with that. Proof of that concept is that it got me here.


Who is your defence, judge and jury?

You are...

After completing my baby steps, the more I read and learned, the scarier it got for me. It still, however, seemed like a giant step so I let myself have a bit more time to search around. I didn't know where to start with what to write. I have so many writings, but I doubted I had written anything of any interest to anyone (now think childhood wounds reopened). So, I left and opened another window to google search on my problem. I thought I can't be the only one on this planet who gets this wound up! That's when I found Sunny Skies article

I found someone who I saw having other issues they solve within this topic of getting started with


Stay on your own yoga mat

This article got me going. Thanks Sunny Skies! What I liked was how Sunny pointed out some things that perhaps he has problems with and that you or I don't.

For example, he writes about how to keep away from the internet. I haven't had a need to overcome this issue yet, so, clearly we all have different issues at different times. And, I know for a fact that there are writers out there have the same anxiety issues around writing and sharing like me. So hopefully this share does what Sunny's article did for me. Get you started. Just to test it...noone is gonna die from it. Right? And if this isn't what you were looking for.

Find or start your own tribe.

So, here's my new to do list

  1. Read about how to submit an article to

  2. Re read / rewrite article to be ready to submit (my very first article!)

  3. Post to InfoBarrel

  4. Walk away with fingers and toes crossed.


Post script

If you're reading this, you've just shared the moment of having just stepped over my inner writer's anxiety and making my first step towards creating and building a passive income stream for myself with me. I sincerely wish you all the best in your journey here and hope that this article brings you one step closer to your own development and passive income goals. Your comments and feedback on my first article are welcome.