Getting DSL, not SOL. In today's age of global interconnectedness, having high-speed internet service you can rely on is the cornerstone of any successful business venture. It's also imperative for individuals to have access to DSL service they can trust for research, staying in touch with family and friends, and representing themselves to potential clients or hiring companies. Yet even though the internet has circled the globe and brought a large portion of human knowledge within reach of our fingertips, the actual process of selecting a company from amongst your local DSL service providers, haggling with them over prices, and having them come to install your service can still seem downright primitive. Check these helpful tips for making sure you get the best quality connection at a reasonable price.

The public shame game. Before you get sorted with the internet in your own home, you can get connected at your local library, coffee shop or friend's place to browse a number of consumer review websites. These websites are devoted to providing consumers with other consumers' reports about every aspect of local internet companies. They will typically show ratings for each company on several fronts, like their prices, quickness to respond, connection quality, and customer service capabilities. Choosing from amongst the various DSL service providers is a far less arduous task when you have the gathered knowledge of so many other customers at your disposal. Consumer reports websites include:, and, for example. You can check the web for other such sites as well as local ratings forums where you can read your neighbours' experiences with various companies. Any company with a horrid service record or truly dismal response time and data speeds won't be able to hide for long.

What's in a package? Check the various offers you receive from different dsl companies against one another as you shop around. Not all packages are created equal, and sometimes providers will try to cleverly conceal higher prices behind little tricks like offering free installation and no initial payments for three months, only to charge extortionary rates afterwards to more than make back the difference. Additionally, you should be wary of any deal that seems too sweet from the outset, as a very affordable plan might come at a hidden price. Different dsl service providers place varying speed limits on their clients' uploading and downloading activities. Ensure that the speed of service you're going to receive will suit your needs before installation day rolls around. Nobody wants to buy a new internet service plan only to watch their online videos chop along like slideshows. You can try visiting for a free and instantaneous assessment of your download and upload speeds and how they measure up to those of other users in your geographic area.

Getting the speed you need. Speaking of speed, know your own speed requirements before going into the purchasing process. Users that only plan to check e-mail and surf basic websites can make do with slower speeds and more savings, but power users who cannot live without high quality streaming movies and the latest internet games need as much bandwidth as they can get.