Men are difficult to buy for. No one can really say why or put their finger on it, but selecting the best gift for men is a daunting task. Avoid making it a difficult task. In fact, with a few tips and techniques at your disposal, buying what he needs or wants it fairly easy.

Finding something unique and special is generally the direction most people would like to go in. Normally most people will think of fashion and grooming things when it comes to getting something for him. However, there is really a variety of things you could choose from outside of these boundaries. You can get him something practical or go for something that says WOW. Think about these things when you are trying to decide on what to get him.

Timex Quartz Watch

A watch is one that falls into the practical category. Most men will wear them and use them. The time of wearing your father’s or grandfather’s watch has passed. Get him one he will call his own.

The Timex Intelligent Quartz watch is a wonderful choice. Timex picked it up a notch and is offering a variety line of quartz time pieces. They have reviewed what they created for customers in the past and built on those ideas for the future.

From their engineering facilities in Germany comes the Intelligent Quartz. An affordable look of luxury is the result. It has an amazing element of moving four different hands independent of each other. Along with the four different hands there are digital sensors and microprocessors.

This is a reasonably priced gift for any occasion. It is great for nearly any age man. Both young and old will enjoy a great watch. You will find them at retailers like Amazon

Price=average cost are around$120

Real Shaving Moisturizing Shave Cream

Men shave. It’s a fact of life. Even if they have a mustache or goatee they need to do it for maintenance. Shaving is generally an everyday adventure and rough on the skin. How about shaving lotion for the man on your list?

Men do not typically pamper themselves so you should give them the gift of indulging in a little self-pampering with this special lotion.

One of the best things about this particular one is the ingredients. These are all natural which is wonderful for anyone with sensitive skin or allergies to certain ingredients. There is coconut oil which is wonderful for those little cuts and nicks that have a nasty habit of happening. Extra moisturizer for the skin takes place with the cocoa seed butter products and they get his skin conditioned from the tea tree oil feature.

This gives him a shave that is close, with some terrific moisturizer qualities and less irritating. After you give this gift he will want to go out and get more for himself. One of the best things about it is the price is less than $10 and available at retail pharmacies or stores like Target or Costco.

Price=less than $10

Leather gloves

Men look good in gloves. Most of them have a pair of work gloves, but they need something else that is not only practical, but makes them look great. A great pair of leather gloves is always a winner when it comes to gifting.

When you decide on colors, don’t go wild, keep it basic. If you know what color his favorite coat is, match a pair of leather gloves up with it. If not, stick with the basics of brown or black.

Buying a pair with a cashmere lining is the greatest in class and luxury, not to mention comfort. They will last forever and he will treasure them because they are comfortable and practical during cold weather.

One company has a breathtaking pair. Forzieri cashmere lined Italian leather gloves. One of the best things about them is the construction. They are hand constructed in Italy minus any seams. This means more comfort than others on top of looking nicer.

Price=$40, buy the Forzieri pair directly from their company

iPhone case

The iPhone case as a gift is really great for the younger ones. Though, other age groups with this type of cell phone and could use a great case. There are more than a few available in the marketplace. If you know what type of iPhone he has you can match the case to the version.

The Incase Snap Case for iPhone is a great one. They have developed one for the latest version of the cell as well as other earlier models. Built from a soft slip resistant smooth material. The outside has a sort of rubbery material to keep the phone cool. Although the case provides a cover, there is still access to the features you need.

Case Mate is another company producing a wonderful one. Impact resistant and lightweight it will protect the sides and back of the phone. Most people like the finish which is smooth and easily slides in and out of a back or front pocket.

Most simply snap on and really keep this expensive investment safe from scratches and harm. Not only do these look great and are practical, but the price is good too.

These are available through manufacturer’s websites, Amazon or brick and mortar cell phone stores and places like Best Buy.

Price=around $30

In conclusion

If you want some great gifts for men in your life you cannot go wrong with any of these. They fit different ages, personalities and even income levels. All around these are fairly reasonable in their price ranges and easy to find. When you are getting the best gift for him, think about one of these.

Find a terrific item to let him know he is special, but keep it practical without spending a ton of money