Designer bed linens can really get you the look of a luxury hotel right in your own home. You don't have to spend a lot of money to get the exact same look in your space. It's as easy as just knowing how to shop and how to mix and match patterns and colors. Here are a few tips for getting the look of designer bed linens without paying designer prices.

Go for a high end feel. Whether you like a certain finish or thread count spend a little bit more money to get a sheet that is really soft. This will really help your room feel high end. It's also important to take proper care of your sheets; you might even want to iron them depending on the directions so you get that crisp look that you always see in the magazines.

Add a special touch to your pillowcases. This can turn into a fun craft project and doesn't have to take a lot of time. You could make a monogram for an expensive look or just add lace if you want more of a shabby chic feel to your bedding. This allows you to customize your sheet set to match with your existing comforter and you won't have to spend a lot of money on your bedding. This is also a way to spice up a plain duvet cover and get a look that is unique to your room.

Learn how to mix and match patterns and colors. A lot of designer bed linens come in fresh and fun colors like orange or a pale pink. You can mix and match these with bright white linens for a crisp fresh look that will be all your own. If you find certain prints that you just have to have try mixing and matching them in with solid less expensive sheets. This will also change up the look and the pattern will really pop off of the neutral background.

Go with an understated comforter. In a lot of the decorating magazines they just use simple solid colored blankets on the bed or they might go with a plain white goose down comforter. This will keep your room looking crisp and fresh and it will also have a lot of design durability to it. You can then make a statement with your pillowcases or throw pillows. This also allows you to go with a high end sheet set so that you have very soft fabric against your skin but a less expensive fabric on the outside of your bed. This is the budget friendly way to decorate and still get that luxurious feeling that you are looking for.

Change up the bed skirt. This is probably a vital of your organization unless you have a platform bed. However, you don't want to look too country or feminine. This can make you bedding look juvenile instead of high end. Instead find a bed skirt that is tailored with minimal pleats. This can also be an opportunity to add another color or pattern to your bed just as long as it is subtle and fits in with the overall scheme of the rest of your bedding.