power supplyWhen you think about what a laptop is actually for, mobility, you think about being able to work on the go; now matter what that means. So why are most laptop batteries averaging around 90 minutes of work time? If you're a serious mobile user like me, 90 minutes is rarely enough time to get some real work done. So I started looking into some other ways of powering my laptop when I'm on the go, enabling me to get the most mobility out of my laptop.

Over the years I've owned several laptop brands; from Dell, HP, Lenovo, Gateway, and Toshiba. One thing they all had in common, they rarely had the battery life I wished they'd had. Although battery technology used in factory laptops is improving, they still have some things left to be desired. I've found a couple of ways to improve the battery life and makes working on the go a little easier.

Types of Laptop Power

Once such was is using an external laptop power supply. Yes, we all know laptops come with their own power supplies, but what about a universal laptop power supply? For years, myself included, it was believed that you had to purchase your replacement or backup power adapter from the original manufacturer of your notebook; but that's just not the case. For example, you can get a 90w universal car power supply that will fit just about any laptop. What's better is that these can be found a lot cheaper than a proprietary power supply from your laptops maker. Amazingly, you can find these for as little as $20! The main thing to keep in mind when purchasing a universal power adapter is that it's compatible with your laptop model. Most of these universal adapters come with numerous tips designed to fit different notebooks so make sure yours is included.

External Laptop Batter

Here's something amazing you might not know, there are external laptop batteries that can extend your external batterymobile power up to 10 hours! Now that is a great increase over the average 90 minutes and can allow you to get some serious work done. When shopping for an external laptop battery, you'll find they come in as many makes and models as there are notebooks. From small and cheap to larger and over $500, you can get one that lasts just a few hours to over 10. And although the longer lasting ones can be heavy, the smaller ones weigh in a little over 1.6 lbs and can be found for a few hundred dollars.

When I'm at home I leave my laptop plugged in pretty much all the time, but when I turn it off I do unplug it. I do that just to protect it against any unforeseen electrical surges even though I have a surge protector on the outlet. I also want to make sure it's fully charged when I want to pick it up and go mobile. Its also a good idea to recycle your laptop battery from time to time. Recycling means basically letting it run all the way down. I rarely let it stay all the way drained for long, but I do often use it until the power is completely drained. Recycling your battery in this way insures all the cells are getting used properly and is "said" to add to the longevity of your battery. Getting the best laptop power supply means getting the one that works right for you. Whether you choose the universal power or an external battery, find one that works best for your mobile lifestyle.