InfoBarrel has provided you with two great tools to benefit from.

I am hopefully going to give you an insight into how you can take advantage of your 'About me' page and your article 'Signature'.

A lot of InfoBarrel members (and I was one of them) don't even bother to create a signature, or an about me page.

I soon found out from Derek Halpern from Social Triggers that this could be HUGE mistake!

Your 'About Me' page on InfoBarrel is more than likely your one of your most viewed pages on all of InfoBarrel, and if there isn't anything there - you are losing out in converting that traffic (whether it be getting to people to sign under referral links or purchase an ebook etc.).

Firstly, like I have preached before in six reasons to brand yourself on InfoBarrel, this page should try and carry the same kind of design that your content has, to build familiarity within the brand you are creating on InfoBarrel.

How you compose your 'About Me' page is entirely up to you.

But I encourage that you make it original, keeps in touch with your brand - and is well written.

Mainly for the simple reason, that it acts as a kind of sample of your content.

Hence getting the style of writing, presentation etc. well here is important, as the viewer of your about me page, will presume that if you can construct high quality content  in your 'About Me' page.

Then so will the rest of your articles, hence they may be more inclined to check out your articles.

(Obviously your 'About Me' page has the chance to be monetized as well due to its linking capability).


Your 'Signature' is located in the top right of your article page, an area of the page that is instantly viewed by your reader - and if you aren't doing anything with it, you aren't capitalising. 

Again, your signature should stay in touch with the brand that you are presenting on InfoBarrel, so keeping in with the same font, style of writing etc. as the rest of your content.

The trick that I always go for with a signature is to try and maintain that familiarity yet make your signature related to the article produced. 

Hence the need for multiple signatures.

1) To maintain the brand, and also keep some of the content familiar within all the signatures (e.g. the last line).

2) Apply the signature to the article, readjusting the main content yet sticking with the same layout, so if you use 3 bullet points in all your signatures, be sure to carry on using three, just change the points to be relevant to the article.

So by applying the signature, it becomes apart of the article, rather than something that gets overlooked - they will see it as something extra they have to read.

For example say I wrote an article on horses and spaceships.

I could keep the first line the same:

"Thank you for reading. Please leave a comment below and if you liked the article, show me by liking it".

Then applying it to the article with the second line:

"If you would like to read more on (horses/spaceships) please check out the following article by clicking here".

Then a third line could be:

"Do you feel you could contribute more to my (horses/spaceships) article? Well why not try writing your own, by signing up to InfoBarrel here, and earn cash while your are at it."

Hopefully though, you will produce a better signature than that of the above.

(Again your signature can be monetized - applying specific affiliate products, to specific articles).