Getting the Photo Combination Right for 1st Birthday Invitations

The best way to make 1st birthday invitations for your child's first anniversary, is without a doubt, the innovative use of photos of your child. Almost without exception, everybody on planet earth will break into a smile from ear to ear as soon as they see a photo 1 year old looking at them innocently. Choosing the right photos for the invitation need not be a difficult job at all.

Many people would want the absolute best photos for the occasion and so will hire a professional photographer. Indeed a pro in the area will be able to get the child in the right mood and shoot the perfect photos. If the photographer is someone who has experience photographing toddlers, you will be assured of getting really good photos to print out on the 1st birthday invites.

Then there is the other way of doing it all yourself. This also need not be a cumbersome job. If you cannot get your child to pose for a good photo, you can dig into the archives which you have collected since the boy or girl of born. You will surely be able to find 10-15 photos which will look good on the invitations.

Having more than a single photo means that you can use each of the photos such that they are customized for particular guests. If, for instance, a person who is particularly close to your family is one of the recipients, you would have a photo of that person holding your smiling child. This photo can be used in the birthday invite sent to him to make the even more valuable for him.

It will make the person more important to you and it is indeed one of the better ways to show someone how much you love them and want them to be a part of your child's celebrations. You see, this is also an excellent way of strengthening your relationship with others by using your boy's 1st birthday invitations.

Every birthday party, especially involving children and toddlers usually has a theme suited to them. Using your girl's photo in the context of a theme makes the invitations even more attractive than a plain picture. Since the child is just one year old, the theme should be simple and something that is part of her daily life such as animals or birds that she sees around or some cartoon characters such as the Backyardigans.

A Backyardigans theme for the party, for example, allows you to show your child having fun with the characters in the invitations. You can print out a backyard like the one in the cartoon and fill it with characters. You can show the characters having fun with your child in the middle. It really enhances your child's cuteness multiple fold.

1st birthday invitations, would look better if they are simple and funny rather than elegant as in invites for grown-up's occasions. Choose something that will make your child smile when seeing the invitation above all. It is the birthday boy that you should remember when designing the 1st birthday photo invitations.