For landlords having a full house or having all of your property rented is a good thing. However once you have a sign for vacancy hanging on your door you could have problems. Days could easily turn into weeks and months. Before you know it, you'll be losing money on your investment. Make sure that your properties are always occupied through advertising.

Making sure that your properties are always occupied can be done with the right advertising moves. After all, the reason that no one has probably filled the vacancy is because they don't know about it. You want to make sure that people know about these properties you have for rent.

You can go with the old school practice of hanging up a sign in front of the property to help fill vacancy. Of course, this will not attract much possible clients. These days, not everyone has the time to go out and take a drive around to find a place to stay in. If you want to go with this old form of advertising you should step things up a notch. Why not put signs in other places as well? You can put it around the neighborhood and even give out fliers to let others know about the place.

If you prefer a more modern way of advertising then you can make use of media. Put an advertisement out in your local papers. A lot of folks still refer to the classifieds to find places to live in or put their business in. You should make sure to include a contact number where you can be reached at all times for inquiries. You should also make it a point to answer and entertain all queries so you don't miss out on any possible clients.

Of course, for those who want something far more advanced the can put up a listing online. You can choose to make use of an online directory or specialized apartment or home finders. These can be very handy because once you supply the information it is stored in the system and clients can find it there. They should be able to find all the details that they need so you don't have to keep answering inquiries about the place. Also, it will narrow down the people you need to deal with since you get matches.

You can choose to fill your vacancy with the old way that takes time and effort; or go with the more updated system that will save you a lot of time and effort while giving you great results.