As readers will no doubt be fully aware, Haiti suffered a devastating earthquake on 12th January 2010. This already poor country, took a battering far worse than it has in the past. Despite the fact that Haitians are well used to political instability, poverty, earthquakes and other natural disasters, nothing could have prepared them for this event.

Countires and people around the world soon began the mammoth task of trying to help Haiti. Everyone has dug deep into their pockets and some relief is now ready for Haiti.

However, it seems as if there have been problems making sure that this help gets through.

Politicains and the like have been posturing and debating, but none of this will get the people to Haiti, which is so desperately need.

Of course part of the problem has been the devastation caused by this earthquake. With roads blocked and debris everywhere it will not be easy to deliver what is needed. Getting aid to the people of Haiti will be a logistical nightmare.

However, I would assume that some goods can be air lifted to regions off the beaten track.

With some parts of Haiti suffering lawlessness, safety for the rescuers has to be a priority. This should not be at the expense of those suffering thouugh. Troops are now on Haitian soil and so hopefully some of this will be resolved.

But time is running out for the Haitians.

  • Those still trapped under rubble will be slowly dying.
  • It is estimated that there are 1.5 million people who are now homeless.
  • The total dead is estimated to be around 100,000.
  • There are many more injured.

I do not have any easy answers but things need to get moving. Five days later, the situation is getting critical.

Keep pledging money and donating but lobby whoever you can, to ensure the help gets through.

With the UN mission in Haiti being flattened in the earthquake, and many of its officials killed, there is no local presence on Haiti of the UN. This is unusual and adds to the problems.

Non Haitians who were on the Island, when the earthquake struck, are having as much difficulty getting home from Haiti, as help has in getting in. Some of these people are sick and desperately need to get home.

All in all it is a sorry situation for all concerned. Help must get to Haiti and do so soon.

This article is a non profit article, with all proceeds going to the Haitian rescue appeal via DEC. Please join me.

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