Many articles and book on the law of attraction tell you that all you need to do is just
think happy thoughts and everything that you want will fall into your lap.
They are leaving out many important parts of the law.

Yes,thinking positive thoughts and expecting to get what you want are important parts of the
law but, as I have said,they are only parts of it.
The first thing that you need to know has to do with you thoughts themselves.Are you
straining to control them? Are you thinking that you must be doing something wrong or that
it isn't working?

You should know that this is natural. The intrusive negative thoughts that you are
experiencing happen and they are no big deal, unless you make them a big deal by fighting
The second thing to know is that when things start to go wrong, and they will, this is only
temporary and actually a very good thing because it means that the universe hears you and is
responding to your efforts.

The third is thinking about exactly where something that you want will come from or how it
will happen. This is called outlining and it's a major no-no.
The fourth is expecting something for nothing.
Now that you know about these part of the law of attraction that you didn't before let's
look at how to put them into action.

You cannot control your thoughts, it is much, much, more effective to replace them.
Count your blessings. Think about how happy you will be when you have what you want and
give thanks for it as if you have it now.Think about how much God loves you or how the
universe provides for you or the wonders and marvels of nature.Think about whatever it is
that makes you feel happiness, love and gratitude.
unfortunately, when things start to go wrong when the law starts to work,you just have to
ride it out.Remember that things are only seeming to go wrong and it is only a temporary

This is a very important point:The law only rewards those who stick with it and do not give
Outlining is expecting something to come to you in a specific way. This creates energy
blocks. Only be specific about the result, leave the details up to God or the universe
to work out.

And lastly, are you expecting some thing for nothing?
If you don't have any money to tithe or give to charity clean out your closet and donate
clothes that you no longer wear. Do some volunteer work. Be more patient with your loved
ones.Be polite to and bless and pray for people who aren't polite to you.We all have some
thing to give.
Remember that the law of attraction is a law, it is completely impersonal and impartial.
Use it correctly and it will work for you.