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There are many reasons why a person has to wear dentures. Tooth damage due to decay and deterioration are two of the most common reasons. However, missing teeth due to injury or physical blow to the face can also be reasons why we have to wear dentures. It plays a major part in maintaining self-confidence in a person. It also helps maintain good oral health of a person.

Cosmetic dentures are different from standard or conventional dentures. While standard dentures use a single shade of pink plastic to create the gum line, cosmetic dentures can be accustomed to give a more natural look. The gum part of the denture has bulges on the roots of the teeth. The gum has stippling to make it appear more natural. Cosmetic dentures feel more comfortable than standard ones because the gums are shaped like natural jaw, thus, creating a more physiological alignment. Achieving a correct height bite also, helps reduce lines, wrinkles and folds around the mouth. Teeth appear more natural in color because it uses multiple layers, which make it more translucent and vital. Standard dentures, on the other hand, only use a single layer of acrylic for the denture teeth.

Despite having dentures, one must till practice good oral hygiene. Dentures must be brushed twice a day, one in the morning and the other before sleeping at night. Store dentures in cold water overnight to maintain its clean appearance. To remove stains and help kill germs, dissolve a special cleaning tablet into the water solution. Brushing one’s gums is also important to prevent gum diseases or gingivitis. Remove dentures every night so gums can rest from the pressure created by the denture. It is also one way for the gums to be exposed to saliva, which would never happen if dentures were present.

Some find that wearing cosmetic dentures uncomfortable and difficult especially when eating tough food such as meat, steak and vegetables. However, quality denture adhesives should do the trick. Many denture adhesives in the market also soothe the gums as well. It will help keep your denture firmly in place so you would be able to eat and smile more confidently. Denture adhesives can be in powder, paste, cream or gel form. There are also adhesive pads that can help keep dentures in place. Always use denture adhesives within the recommended amount only especially if it contain zinc.

Getting used to the fit may take four to six months before one feels comfortable. The lips and the jaws need to adjust to the feel of the denture when one opens and closes his mouth. The dentist may recommend soft foods for the first two weeks. Crunchy foods and hard candies should be avoided. Speaking may also sound different with dentures on. Some syllables may be difficult to pronounce. Articulation may be quite difficult during the first few weeks of denture use. Adapting to new dentures may take some time but as everything feels natural, it can slowly help build a person’s confidence in public.