Parenting is a role full of challenges and it constantly keeps you in check because you are the first role model for your child and you should ask yourself, what example am I laying for my child.

In this present day, where things are constantly changing, innovations tend to make changes easier to cope with but such innovations also come with their challenges. Every parent wants to keep his/her child on the right track so that the child will have a successful life, when they become adult and when the parent is no more.

Very few parents spend enough time with their children due to the work/business pressure and the children are left in the hand of nannies and housemaids who really don't have so much to offer.

To achieve a balance between these two worlds, a parents need to make some sacrifices:

(1) Spend time with your children during the weekend when you are at home.

(2) Talk to them to find out what happened in school during the week or at home when you are not there.

(3) Know your child's likes and dislikes.

(4) Take time to visit their schools and talk to their teachers on how they are fairing in school.

(5) Cook for them yourself during the weekend when you are not at work to ensure that their nutritional requirements are met.

(6) Teach them basic respect on how to greet elders, monitor how they imbibe slangs and other things that are in vogue.

(7) Know their friends, their lifestyle and family backgrounds.

(8) Give them basic sex education. This would protect them from being assaulted sexually, and tell your girls to report any untoward behavior by male counterparts.

(9) Teach them about the word of God and how to make the bible their companion.

Every parents must have a relationship with each child, encourage your child to talk to you and be free enough to discuss anything with you. You will not believe how happy they will feel with a trip to one of the Eateries or the Amusement park. You can sit with them to watch their favorite cartoons or films; this also helps us have ideas of what they are feeding their minds with. You may also decide to send them instructive mails especially for the ones in the teenage years. There are also Bible story books and CDs for different ages.