Sky Go - TV Over the Internet

The satellite TV provider, Sky, has moved into a whole new realm of entertainment.  They previously had the Sky Player service, which was an excellent entry level offering to broadband TV.  Now they have released the Sky Go service, which is one of the most comprehensive online broadband TV entertainment TV systems available.  It is more than just a set of TV channels; it is an on demand service, a movie rental site, and a live streaming TV service.

This article will consider some of the most appealing aspects of the service so that you can get the most out of your satellite TV subscription.

Who is it available to?

Anyone with a Sky subscription can access their channels on the Sky-Go service.  In addition it’s possible to buy a daily pass and pay for a day’s viewing or a week’s viewing.   This can be a great way to see whether Sky is going to be a good service for your personal requirements, and to do a trial.  A monthly pass costs £35 per month.

The Devices It’s Available On

You can get Sky-Go on just about any device which has a browser and an internet connection.  You can therefore use it on smartphones, tablets, and laptops, and you can really enjoy a comprehensive experience on the go or in different rooms in your house, whichever the case may be.

The Uses of Sky Go

Have you ever had the situation where you wanted to watch a sports event but you were picking up your children?  Have you been travelling around the UK and really wanted to watch Sky channels?  Well now you can do both of these things and a lot more with the Sky-Go service.  All you need is the access to a broadband connection, and broadband is becoming more widely available as time progresses. 

We now have access to WiFi hotspots around the country and the Cloud provides literally hundreds of thousands of options to get online.  In addition, we have mobile broadband that is getting better and better, so we are able to do more on our mobile broadband connections than ever before.

The Progress of Mobile Broadband

Mobile broadband now offers speeds of between 8 to 12 Mbps on Everything Everywhere.  The 4G broadband revolution will offer speeds up to 100Mbps, and even perhaps higher.  This will be enough for just about anything that you could do online and is comparable to the top speeds on fibre optic broadband.  New providers are going to be launching their 4G networks to compete with Everything Everywhere soon, and we’ll see Three Mobile, O2, and Vodafone released to around 99% of the country. After roll out there will be a comprehensive mobile broadband service available to just about everyone. 

Data Cost on Mobile Broadband

Of course, when you start engaging with Sky-Go, you have to be careful with the data costs when you’re using mobile broadband.  It’s very easy to over consume your data allowance and end up with hefty charges that often amount to hundreds of pounds, especially if you’re streaming high definition movies.  It’s a good idea to only use the service of Sky Go in a very limited way on your mobile broadband connection, and to automatically have your phone jump onto wireless networks whenever possible.

The Sky Go Service Itself

Let’s now pick out some of the satellite TV provider’s top features of the Sky Go service.  Let’s start with my favourite, the movie box sets.

It’s now possible to scroll through a set of box sets on Sky Go that offer you the opportunity to view collections of films and entertainment series that are connected together.

On the Sky Go service currently you have haunted house box sets, action movies, dark visions, Brit crime, gangster paradise, family favourites, Christmas classics, blockbuster, comic book heroes, all action animation, 80’s greats, speeds demons, Christmas crackers, Star trek, Sci-Fi faves, rom coms, Tom Cruise day, alien invasion, animated adventures, festive fangs, Statham Day, action women, action men, myths and legends, superheroes, and that is just a summary.  Indeed, you can sort by action, comedy, thriller, Sci-Fi, horror, drama, family, or indie.

Some of the box sets are extremely appealing and you may want to use the Sky Go service to spend a day watching movies from your favourite genre or actor.  One that looks particularly appealing at the moment is Statham days; all films from the great British actor Jason Statham.

The Sky Store

The Sky Store is a movie rental service that provides you with the opportunity to watch new releases on the go or on your laptop at home.  You can of course access many of the services available on Sky Go through your TV as well.  The films available on Sky Go in the movie store cost the same as on your TV, which is around £3.50 per movie.

You can view the top ten in the store at any one time and also have a browse through the editor picks of the week.  Again, movies are classified sensibly so that you can quickly find the best movies for your mood and preferences.

The TV Guide

The TV Guide on this service from Sky, is a really functional and usable interface.  It provides you with the opportunity to browse through channels much the same as you would on your Sky Satellite TV HD box.  You can go through the channels and see what’s on at the moment.  You can go forward in the day and you can also go forward up to six days ahead. 

When you click on an item you’ll be able to preview what it is all about and then you’ll quickly be able to start streaming and go full screen without any hassle at all.  Bear in mind that if you’re using high definition channels you could well end up using an awful lot of data, and if you’re paying per megabyte or gigabyte, you could end up spending a lot of money to access the service. 

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