There are many characteristics to know about an Empath, which are strikingly different from all other personalities. These points are stated from knowing an Empath very well, so no book was needed to research this.

Empathy is a known quality to some degree, in some of the people we know and live with in our lives. The definition, according to the free dictionary, on the web, it is an indentification with an understanding of another's situation, feelings and motives. Furthermore it is defined as the attribution of one's own feelings to an object.

Theorists, who have studied the Empath, cite this quality is inherited, so is deeply embedded in a person from birth, by DNA. As a child, the Empath knows there is a strong difference between them and other youngsters without recognizing what that actually means. Sensitivity to living plants, people and animals is common for the Empath to own. An Empath can be prone to identify with inanimate objects like buildings, bridges and the solar space too. Far more adult Empaths are willing to state their compassion toward living things since society is more accepting to those things shared. If an Empath is found out to be empathetic toward a non living or breathing thing, they can quickly correlate that in some way, to how a human or animal can be affected by that object.

Understanding an Empath takes acceptance, just as any trait might require. It takes great knowledge from the Empath, to fully understand themselves too. Generally it is not until young adulthood that the Empath directs their feelings in a healthful manner. By that I mean health of themselves.

Empathy can be emotionally, physically, socially and spiritually draining. An Empath learns how to maintain good health in those areas by solitude to get refreshed in all those categories. There is not isolation for a long period of time, just enough to regain some peace. It is not needed to honor an Empath for their giving of themselves, which at times, is without thought of oneself. I can offer it being similar to water from a spring that is flowing without being able to count the drops as it moves. If an Empath sees someone, even a stranger in need, the flow of putting themselves into a problem solving mode comes easily if not in deeds, but words or solutions to possibly help. There is an inner surge to assist in a small way or any way that is accepted by another person. That willingness seems to be never ending to some other people, but the need to regain and recover is necessary for the Empath.

The strength of the Empath can certainly be one of a different nature too. I do not have the widsom to teach you of those characteristics, so will not discuss that type person here. It is necessary to know that all Empaths are not of the reference I share above.

You might know an Empath or you might be one yourself without knowing the traits and why they are so prominent. It is wise to fully embrace that quality in yourself or someone you know is as I described. There are means by which a person can adjust to fully accept an Empath. If you are one, perhaps this information has given a label and some insight as to just what has been a part of your life. To remove those characteristics, I spoke of earlier, will be nearly impossible as if to remove the spots from a leopard. Living well, knowing this is a special and deep seated charactertistic, will bring you into a thankfulness for being an Empath. You can choose to live in its boundaries or keep fighting an inner battle that produces such stress causing poor health. Be thankful for how you were put together with the traits you own. Use them wisely and to your better health too.

Your spouse, partner, child or someone in your family that is an Empath does not need to be broken of the fellings that they have in their DNA. That attempt will fail and distance you from that empathetic person. As humans, some attempt to change others, but will not be able to change this trait, so acceptance is the road to pursue. Learning about the Empath, will help you and the Empath grow together through those lessons of knowing and the paths the Empath is journeying.