Mercury Filling (15587)For years dentists used amalgam fillings to fill cavities in our teeth. This amalgam is approximately 50% mercury, a known toxin. Every time you eat something and chew, or grind your teeth, a little mercury goes into your body and into your bloodstream. For the sake of your health, it's a good idea to get the amalgam fillings removed and replaced with composite fillings, which are tooth colored fillings. Here is what you should do to replace your mercury fillings with tooth colored fillings.

Be healthy.

Be healthy before you have your fillings removed. It does put a strain on your body and you need to be healthy enough to cope with that.

Be regular.

Make sure you are having 2-3 bowel movements every day, and that your stools are soft, because when the fillings are removed some mercury could go into your blood stream and you will need to be able to eliminate that and not have the toxins build up in your body. If you have severe constipation you should not have your mercury fillings removed.

Find a dentist.

Find a dentist who can remove your fillings safely. Choose a dentist who believes that mercury fillings are bad for you and will only use composite, tooth colored fillings. They will be experts in removing mercury fillings.

Dental health Insurance.

Make sure before you start that you have dental health insurance as this will cost a lot. You may reach the maximum on your dental insurance and have to wait until the following January to be further covered on your personal dental insurance. Most dental insurance plans will cover removing mercury fillings and replacing them with tooth colored fillings.

Go Slowly.

If you have a lot of mercury fillings don't have them all replaced in one go as this could place too much strain on the body. A common method is 4 visits to the dentist, fixing up one quarter of your mouth at a time.


After having all your fillings removed you need to do some detoxification on your body. The best is oral chelation and there are many good products around, or you can go to a specialist for some oral chelation therapy or detoxification therapy. It is important to wait until all the mercury has gone from your body before you detox your body.