It's just the beginning of the summer break but in only a few months your kids are going to be going back to school and you're probably wondering how you're going to pay for all those new pencils, back packs, and notebooks. Wait-- before you start filling out a credit card applications you should finish reading this article because through the advice here you can get your kids back to school and ready for the entire school year for less than 30 dollars. Yeah! Only 30 dollars.

For a goal of 30 dollars or less we're going to need a game plan. This game plan involves waiting, watching, and pouncing on the good deals that come up.


Before you go crazy and go to your local Walmart and buying everything you think your kids need for school, you should wait for a list from the school's teachers of the supplies they say you need. With that list, use common sense and buy your kids things you know your kids will actually use (not what their teacher thinks they will use). Also, when you wait, your local office supply retailers (and others) like OfficeMax, Staples, and Office Depot could have amazing sales on items that could save you anywhere from 40 to 80% off retail price on school supplies.

Finally, when you wait, those mentioned office suppliers will (after back-to-school season finishes) will put many of their school items on tremendously low clearance prices in an attempt to clear out merchandise before Christmas arrives. So truly the best time to do your back to school shopping is after the back to school season finishes (mid September for most states and the clearance specials start early October typically).

If your kids don't need a new back pack or can still use their back pack for a few months, have them use their old one for a few months and wait for the clearance specials. Some of the premium branded back packs during clearance specials can go for up to 70% retail off which will save you TONS of money.


Grab your local paper, look online, and look for those amazing deals. Last year office suppliers had some knock-out prices including OfficeMax's "penny deals" where a box of Crayola crayons were going for about 10 cents. So a key to spending as little as possible this back to school season is to look for those deals put out by retailers and snatching them up while they're hot. Because if you can buy a year supply of pencils and paper for less than a dollar you know you're getting a good deal.


You found those deals, you've waited for the clearance deals, well now you need to pounce! and snatch those deals and items up. As a word of advice, unless you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO, don't take your kids shopping with you. Your kids can influence what you buy more than you know and you could end up spending tens of dollars more than you meant to because little Sally begged you for that Jonas Brothers back pack.

Also, when you're on the prowl and pouncing on those deals, what what you're there to buy, buy it, and GET OUT. The longer you stay at the store the more likely you're going to buy something else that you don't need.

See, back to school doesn't have to be that scary and you may just have a little fun finding those deals and saving yourself loads of money--money that could used for much more fun activities than school supplies. So just remember, have yourself the game plan and stick to it all they way through and I'm sure you can spend even less than 30 dollars this year for back to school.