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Getty stock photos, with its business name Getty Images, Inc. is a Washington-based agency where consumers and businesses can buy stock photos. They have a file of 80 million illustrations and immobile pictures as well as a stock film recording for over 50,000 hours. The company aims for 3 markets, namely the corporate (communication and marketing divisions and in-house design), media (online and print publishing) and creative experts (graphic and advertising design). It now manages a huge commercial website that lets clients look and glance through the Getty stock photos, purchase rights of usage as well as download images.

Getty Stock Photos – Its History and Concept

CEO Jonathan Klein and Mark Getty established Getty Investments LLC in 1993. In September of 1997, the former Getty Communications united with PhotoDisc, Inc. in order to create Buy Images. In April of 2003, the company came into collaboration with AFP or Agence France-Presse so as to promote the images of one another.

In February of 2007 the company obtained the Michael Ochs Archives which, according to The New York Times, was the leading musician photography source all over the world. In September of that same year, it has taken on another pricing plan intended for online sales of Getty stock photos which caused a lot of disagreements amongst photographers. This pricing plan formed a $49 price package for little web photographs. The said cost was meant to be valid both for royalty-free and rights-managed Getty stock photos, thus complaints have been made to the company by several international photographers. Re-pricing has taken place when the company's profitability and share price were on the spot.

Hellman & Friedman purchased Buy Images in 2008. In September of this year, Buy Images IStockphoto Brand declared plans of reducing compensations to the contributors as big as 30 percent beginning next year and at the same time stating that it broadened the contributors' interests.

The goal of the company is to motivate the communicators and provide them the means to generate their very own inspirational work. Furthermore, it offers the widest and most excellent compilations of footage and imagery, high-quality entertainment and sport content, news, as well as contemporary and uncommon archival imagery. Its music compilation gives an extensive variety of tracks that are pre-cleared from self-sufficient artists, famous soundtracks and chart-topping acts.

The most powerful media all over the world – from leading newspapers to multi-million dollar promoters, TV and feature film producers to all sorts of bloggers – rely on Getty stock photos and finest digital content.

Getty Stock Photos – How it Works

All types of businesses utilize stock photography and a lot of companies usually look for stock photos for sale to ensure that the images they are using are risk-free and legal by any means. In case you will be utilizing a model in your picture, you should need a model contract so that your picture becomes useful.

Moreover, in the event that there is a name on the building, you should have authorization to utilize any logo or name. The sad part is that you have a fantastic shot, yet it cannot be sold simply because you had no authorization, but the good news is that you can put the usage rights up for sale on the Internet through stock photography.

Buy Images offers a wide array of stock and picture illustration from conceptual royalty-free and rights-managed creative pictures to trendy editorial exposure that includes celebrity, news and sport Getty stock photos as well as the everlasting classic photography.

Rights ManagedThe company has Getty stock photos called rights-managed that are based on how you use it. These Getty stock photos belong to its best compilations and presents greatly stylized images with a high value of production. Some images can be allowed for exclusive privileges.

Royalty-freeThen they have Getty stock photos called royalty-free. These are licenses with unrestricted use from a number of their most wanted stock photography compilations. These stock photos for sale are shot, trend-researched and art-directed by very skilled photographers. Also, they have no additional royalty fees.

Getty Stock Photos – Searching for an Image

The process of aquiring an image though Getty stock photos is simple:

  1. In the website enter the keywords in the search box in order to see the editorial or creative compilation of photographs. If brainstorming is needed while searching, try the Catalyst.
  2. Choose the license you prefer.
  3. Download for preview, add the chosen pictures to your cart, check out and then download Getty stock photos. You can pay using your credit card or have them billed to a recognized account.

Each time that you pay for a media on the company's website what you are purchasing is actually an authorization for the privileges to make use of that media. For the cost, it depends on what kind of license you are going to choose as well as the conditions of usage you are going to provide. Keep in mind, though that usage specifications apply only for rights-ready and rights-managed media. The rights ownership for your chosen Getty stock photos will depend on who you will be assigning the licenses to (you or the 3rd party company or individual).

Similar Image Databases Aside from Getty Stock Photos

Here are a few agencies where you can purchase royalty-free pictures similar to Getty stock photos:


Fotolia has a very large bank of cheap stock photos as well as illustrations that are ideal for print, online, or any medium. Credit starts at $0.75 while the subscription depends on the number of downloads each day, number of subscription users, duration of subscription and the kind of images.


Dreamstime is a well-known agency and a chief provider of affordable first-rate digital images. You only pay as low as $0.20 per image or you can download for free as well.


Shutterstock is one of the biggest agencies worldwide that is subscription-based. They have two subscription plans, which are 25-A-Day Subscriptions ($249 for a month or $709 for 3 months) and On Demand Subscriptions ($49 for 5 high resolution pictures or $229 for 25 high resolutions pictures).

iStockphoto (Getty owns istockphoto from 2005)

iStockphoto is one of the world's top royalty-free agencies with over 4.2 million stock photos for sale, flash files, vector illustrations and video footage. Price depends on the size of an image, although they have a 1-year plan that you can take advantage of ($0.30/file for 3 months, $0.28/file for 6 months, and $0.26/file for 12 months).

Communicators all over the world are now able to convey their stories with the help of editorial photographs, multimedia, music, footage and royalty-free stock photography. Pictures that you can obtain like Getty stock photos can surely make connecting to the world much easier in today's digital age. Comments on "Getty stock photos and images" article are welcome and much appreciated.