Understanding what makes a neighborhood a ghetto. Ever hear that expression? "hey this is the ghetto!" or statements like"back to the ghetto you go!".Well those are just a couple of sayings that are expressed amongst those who are living in middle class neighborhoods.I do not disagree with those individuals or their opinions at all.In deed, they are only telling the truth.

Lets talk about neighborhoods in New York City,preferable African american and hispanic areas. What i have studied over the years is that in most of these low income neighborhoods the people have grown custom to the presence of the garbage that dominates their streets.Just driving through the streets at anytime of the day,you will see the filfth of empty cigarette packs,McDonalds paper bags,chinese food cartons,potatoe chip bags,brown paper bags ,and many many more unidentified particles everwhere. It seems as if noone cares. There appear to be garbage cans on every corner.

Upon observing the invasion of this trash,so kids come out of the store with some juice and candy in the bag. The child reached into the bags for his snacks, pulled out the juice and candy then tossed the brown paper bag right on the floor.The thing that puzzled me was that approximately 8 feet from that child was a trash can. The child did'nt even acknowlegde the trash can.

I remember one day i was driving in harlem and i was heading east on 128th street when a ambulance causing some conjestion and preventing the vehicles from passing through. Well anyway ,to shorten this story, i was directly behind a Ford Explorer when while waiting for the ambulance to move ,the passenger in the explorer in front of me rolled down the window and dilibrately tossed out the window a metal coat hanger,a wendy's cup, and other items i could not identify.I guess being held in traffic is a time to discard trash onto the streets huh?

I guess what i am trying to say is that there is a uncaring mentality within the character of certain individuals. Could this behavior be pass down to generations? The reason i ask this is because our children see the adults neglecting the values of our streets. Everyday thousands of people living in low income areas,projects,tenament buildings,and poor city housing have no concerns for the well being of their neighborhoods. Overlooking the fact that these habits are dramatically increasing the rodent population,people are still discarding their garbage onto empty lots and over filled garbage bins.It was also discovered that tenants in some areas purposely tossed their garbage out of their windows into the backyards of the buildings.Should i say more!

Now ,this is my opinion (whenever discussed with friends and family) the ghetto is with in the character of the individual. Like a always stressed to people,you can take a community of middle class people and give them just about enough funding to survive and place them into a poor proverty submitted community and they would maintain the moral and cleaniness of that community as time passes by. On the other hand, you can take a community of low income families and relocate them to an upscale middle class community.The mentality of the low income community will crumble the exsistance of anything beautiful within a matter of years.

Like they say"beauty is in the eyes of the beholder" so i say"the ghetto is within".