Ghost hunting for me use to be something I would watch others do every Wednesday night on television.  But watching those shows got me to thinking about my own personal experiences and then I really wanted to do this for myself as well and see what is out there. With a great core team basically already in place, in the form of my family, I started researching and buying low-cost equipment.

Voice recorders are fairly non-expensive, almost everyone already has a digital camera, add in a digital thermometer, a night vision camera, and a Franks Box and we were ready to try ghost hunting for the first time.  A Franks Box scans radio frequencies to allow white noise so that the spirits can communicate through the device. 

We researched several locations within a reasonable radius for us and went to check one out.  We had several voice recorders which are able to pick up spirit voices that you may not hear when they are recorded.  I would say this piece of equipment has proven the most valuable because we have caught a lot on tape.  We have also caught a couple of very interesting photos as well.  When photographing, if there are several others with you it is best to alert them to the flash that is coming just out of professional courtesy if nothing else.

Don't take your feelings for granted during an investigation.  Sometimes even the slightest thing that you are experiencing can either be debunked to where others no longer have to worry about it, or can lead to documentation of something more being there.

When the investigation is over, you still have work to do.  You now must go through every hour of audio recordings you have and every photograph you took.  Try to remember back to the night you were there when you hear possible audio evidence.  Always try to debunk and find other explanations for what you hear.  You will become a more credible investigator this way.  Also if asked into someones home, keep the case confidential, if they are asking your help they probably don't want the world to know what is going on.

I would highly recommend ghost hunting to anyone who has questions about what lies beyond or has had their own experiences.