This could be one of the best books I've read to date. Its not often I come across a book that can be read cover to cover in its entirety. Stories of the ghost ship were fascinating even though at the time the name of the ship never came up.

The first I heard the name Mary Celeste was in a horror movie called Ghost Ship with that lady from ER and some other people. The focus of the movie wasn't about her per se but was brought up as the captain was trying to explain to the crew about the sudden appearance of the ocean liner. Radar showed nothing but when it did, the image didn't stay long.

That scene in itself with the captain talking about the ill fated ship as it has become known as, made mention of some information that is present within the book. Like its voyage at full sail supposedly without a crew on board. Ghost Ship was compiled together by Brian Hicks as a means to try to bring closure to the ship, its crew and those close to the crew.

I can even remember staying up late in the night to get in some more reading time because the information was just compelling. Similar to the movie, a salvage crew stumbled across this phantom ship and was hoping for a little payday in return. Unfortunately and much like the movie, the salvage crew got more than they bargained for.

Rather than a quick pay day, they were tormented with false accusations and unrelenting pestering by a supposedly well respected lawyer. After all was said and done, they wanted nothing more to do with the ship. Nothing is ever as it appears as was noted toward the beginning of the book.

The author begins by sharing the ships history which was filled with nothing but bad stuff from the start. Even with the name change, the bad mojo stayed with the ship throughout its years of service. There is a plethora of information and the author did a pretty thorough job of researching any as well as everything related to the Mary Celeste.

Even with all the information provided and sources referenced there is one mystery that has yet to be settled. What became of the people on board? There was the captain, his wife and child and his crew.

Many have suggested malice and even hysteria. Though one of the most intriguing suggestions would be mentions of the Bermuda Triangle or at least an area like it since they weren't anywhere near this area. What was nice about the book was how the author shared his theory of what happened to the crew; he even references the salvage boat captain as support.

Ghost Ship: The Mysterious True Story of the Mary Celeste and Her Missing Crew
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To me this was a refreshing read especially since my go to books are manga, graphic novels and any novel based on a video game franchise. It will make for a good read.

You will come across reviews that will paint an unpleasant picture of the book but its best to pick it up and read it for yourself.
Ghost Ship (2002)
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This is the movie that got me interested in the book; mainly because the movie wasn't viewed in theaters but at home some time after its release. An interesting movie for you horror movie fanatics. This movie has an [R] rating.